My Heart Sank To My Stomach

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This is the first guest post in a new series featuring candidates' experiences with preparing for and taking the California Supplemental Exam. My heart sank to my stomach and shot up to my throat all in a matter of seconds.  "What?" I replied extremely confused.  "Don't worry, you passed, you're an Architect" I passed my last ARE in September of 2012 and I immediately signed up for David’s next seminar, which was the following week in the LA area.  Attending the seminar was a great investment and it helped me get past that initial shock phase of the exam material.  [...]

Episode 68: Here’s Your Plan for 3 Days Before the Exam [Podcast]

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You've spent weeks preparing, maybe even months. You're on a roll. But have you taken time to think about and plan the few days just before the Exam? Podcast Episode 068. I discuss a game plan for the 3 Days before taking your Exam and suggest what you should do each day. Day 3 is the "Not Learn Anything New Day", Day 2 is the "You Are Prepared Day", Day 1 is the "Distance" Day, and Day 0 is "Exam Day". I discuss the value of mental mindset, establishing a positive internal dialogue, building your confidence in the days leading [...]

Change Order Form, AIA Document G701

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"The only constant is change." This quote is a variation of Greek Philosopher Heraclitus' "Nothing endures but change." Video Tip 016. If you've spent anytime working on a construction site or having your hand in the contract administration process, you know this statement is 100% true. Maybe even 1000% true. But who's counting?  It's important that we are familiar with the proper way changes are handled during construction and the documents to be used. This is especially important for purposes related to the Exam because the way we do things in the real world, may or may not be per the AIA [...]

Episode 67: I’m 23 and I Passed the CSE! [Podcast]

By |February 15th, 2013|Categories: Encouragement, Podcast|

Passing the California Supplemental Exam is a major accomplishment. Us mere mortals require years of studying and practice before we even begin to conjure up the confidence to "sit" for the exam. But Rosannah did it at 23 years old. Wow. Podcast Episode 067. I am so proud to interview the youngest licensed architect in California, Rosannah, who recently passed the California Supplemental Exam at only 23 years old. It was even her second attempt, so she was able to squeeze in two attempts and pass at 23, simply incredible. Her story is so inspiring and motivating that this has [...]

Instant Gratification, I Don’t Want To Wait

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Whether we go to the gym, start a new diet, or build a new business, we want instant results because we don't like to wait. We want results now. Video Tip 015. Unfortunately, many of these things just take time and instant results are not always possible. BUT when it comes to getting your CSE results, they are instantaneous (for better or worse)! This video is for those of you new to the CSE process and who may not be aware of how results are distributed by the California Architects Board. On June 1, 2012, CAB began implementing immediate results [...]

Episode 66: Sound Advice From an Out of State Candidate [Podcast]

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Out of state candidates often email me  with questions and concerns about feeling at a disadvantage when preparing for the Exam. Well, California is not as different as you might think. Yup, I just said that. Podcast Episode 066. I believe this feeling comes about because out of state candidates may feel they "aren't as familiar with California laws, rules, and regulations" as candidates working in California. So today, I'm very excited to share Victoria's email, an out of state candidate who recently passed the Exam. Her email is SO insightful and full of great nuggets of information including to preparing for the exam, [...]

When Should I Take a Seminar?

By |January 18th, 2013|Categories: Video Tips|

Taking a seminar can be an excellent way to motivate you to start studying or an excellent confidence builder just before taking the California Supplemental Exam. Video Tip 014. There are three main choices of when to take a seminar, at the beginning of your studies, in the middle of your studies, or at the end of your studies. In this video, I discuss all three options, including which option is my personal preference, but it really comes down to what fits in with your goals and study habits.  Click to Watch Get the Mobile Apps! I've created 2 Mobile [...]

Episode 65: Design Professionals Lien Law, Do We Still Need To Know It? [Podcast]

By |January 8th, 2013|Categories: Category IIA, Podcast|

On July 1, 2012, the Design Professionals Lien Law was repealed in California, leaving many of us to wonder if it just disappeared altogether. Podcast Episode 065. The AIA California Council published a great article titled "Design Professional Liens: Gone But Not Forgotten" and described how the law was repealed, but for the most part, was folded into mechanics lien law. So the question is, do we still need to know it? The Design Professionals Lien Law is still on CAB's List of Reference Materials. I share my thoughts on the subject in this episode. Click to Listen Click to [...]

Smile, You’re On Candid Camera

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"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." - William Shakespeare.   Video Tip 013. I discuss the importance of smiling for the camera when you arrive at the test center to take your Exam because you will be staring at YOU for the entire Exam! Click to Watch Get the Mobile Apps! I've created 2 Mobile Apps to help you succeed. Check out the Ultimate Flash! App to practice 500 flashcards on the go and the FREE CSEprep App to have all the podcasts and video tips at your fingers, literally. Available for iPhone, [...]

Importance of Writing IT Down

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As we come to the beginning of a new year, I take a moment to share why it's a good time to plan ahead for the coming year and encourage you to write your goals down in order to help ensure you pass the CSE in 2013. Video Tip 012. I have set the goal of delivering content for CSEprep.com on a more consistent basis. In order to help me accomplish my goal of doing that, I created an editorial calendar with the next 6 months of content mapped out on the calendar. The act of writing IT down is [...]

Success Story, Balance is So Important

By |December 17th, 2012|Categories: Video Tips|

Balance is essential to maintaining our sanity. It's also an essential ingredient when preparing to take the California Supplemental Exam. Video Tip 011. I share feedback from Ian who passed the Exam last week including his advice about maintaining balance in his own life as he progressed through his studying. I'm also happy to report the California Supplemental Exam is being administered once again! Beginning last week on December 11th, CAB began administering the Exam again and the success stories are pouring into to CSEprep.com. Click to Watch Get the Mobile Apps! I've created 2 Mobile Apps to help you succeed. Check [...]

Episode 64: What’s Really the Big Deal About Substantial Completion Anyway? [Podcast]

By |November 27th, 2012|Categories: Category IV, Podcast|

Issuing the Certificate of Substantial Completion is an important milestone in the contract administration process. It's important to know the significance.   Podcast Episode 064. I discuss the importance of Substantial Completion and take a look at the A201 General Conditions, Article 9.8 and how it impacts on certain milestones. This is an important concept for preparing for the California Supplemental Exam as well as our education in becoming a responsible and competent architect.  Click to Listen Click to Watch Ultimate Flash! and CSEprep Apps released! I'm proud to announce the launch of the Ultimate Flash! flashcard app [...]

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