Wrapping your head around the amount of material that is part of the California Architects Board Reference List of materials is a daunting task and has been known to cause more than a few headaches.

Podcast Episode 049.

  • I discuss a recent email conversation I had with “Natedawg”, a candidate needing help getting his head “wrapped around the material” after two unsuccessful attempts. Natedawg’s approach seemed scattered to me and lacked a solid foundation. I explain the importance of establishing a solid foundation and finding a strategy that will allow for repetition, repetition, repetition and also instill confidence on Exam day.
  • Mona sends in a question about the difference between regulations and laws. I explain the California Code of Regulations has 28 titles and should not be confused with state laws and reference the publication put out by the California Building Standards Commission, Guide to Title 24 (be sure to download and review this). California Law consists of 29 codes and the California Health and Safety Code is just one of the codes.
  • Sang sends in a question about DSA providing for accessibility review for OSHPD (Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development) projects. The Guide to Title 24 indicates that DSA does provide accessibility review, however that appears to be misinformation based upon a call to DSA and experience of candidates with hospital and OSHPD experience.

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