Episode 70: Setting Goals To Pass the CSE [Podcast]

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You've put it off long enough! It's time to get serious and create goals to help you pass the California Supplemental Exam. Yes, You! Podcast Episode 070. In this episode, I discuss how you can set concrete goals to pass the CSE. It's time you get motivated and take the Exam! Click to Listen Click to Watch Show Notes Distinguishing Between Goals and Practices/Habits Goals are milestones that you choose to achieve a desired result. Practices and habits are the tools you develop to achieve those goals A goal would be passing the CSE. A habit would be [...]

Success Story: The Surest Way To Fail Is To Quit

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"Always read the question at least twice. Several times I had to fight through the feeling that I should just hit the end button and go round again in six months. DO NOT GIVE IN. The surest way to fail is to quit."   This was my fourth attempt at the exam, the first two being oral, for my third attempt I used David's publicly available materials and anything I could get my hands on I studied hard, felt well prepared, and thought I had done well.  CAB decided that my test results would be thrown out due to quality assurance [...]

Amazing Resource to Help You in Studying the Building Code

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Let's face it. Reading through the California Building Code is dry and boring. I am going to share with you an amazing resource that will help turn boredom into pure joy! Video Tip 023. Francis Ching's Building Codes Illustrated  is my favorite resource to help you in better understanding the California Building Code, which is based on the International Building Code. Check out the video to find out why I'm so excited about this amazing resource. If you decide to purchase the book, I've provided my amazon affiliate link which allows me to earn a small commission if you decide [...]

Where Do You Go For “Me” Time?

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Everyone wants our time. Our work, our family, our kids. And the more we give, the more they want. It's time to save some time for "Me." Video Tip 021. Learning to take time out for ourselves is often easily overlooked these days, especially with so many things seeking attention for our time. From work and family to the internet and cellphones, there isn't enough time in the day. And THEN, you add preparing for the California Supplemental Exam on top of that, and it's easy to become stressed, lose focus, and simply continue on the hamster wheel of life.  [...]

Success Story: Hard Work and Determination Does Indeed Pay Off

By |May 21st, 2013|Categories: Success Stories|

"What am I getting myself into?”  That’s exactly what I should have been thinking when I look back at all the hard work and setbacks it took me to get my architectural license.   It was roughly eight years ago that I remember taking a trip to Hawaii and wondering what I was going to do for a career.  I was in the middle of my engineering degree at UCLA and still hadn’t decided what career direction I was going to take.  I met a wonderful lady on the flight over to Hawaii and after talking with her for a [...]

Anger or Acceptance?

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The events of the last 48 hours has been frustrating, discouraging, and down right maddening for anyone getting ready to take the California Supplemental Exam. Video Tip 020. The news that many candidates with scheduled exams over the next two months had their dates abruptly cancelled, has angered and frustrated many affected candidates. And rightly so, I might add. It's not fair and to put it plainly, it sucks! In this video I share my thoughts and also the two choices that you can make in terms of continuing to be angry or accepting the situation and moving forward.  I also discuss that [...]

How Do I Know When I’m Ready?

By |April 26th, 2013|Categories: Video Tips|

A crystal ball would be a great thing to be able to peer into before sitting for the California Supplemental Exam.  Video Tip 019. We all want to feel like we have studied enough and that we are ready to take the Exam. But how do we really know if we're not able to measure our progress. In this video tip, I discuss the use of two tools inside the Ultimate Whole Enchilada, specifically the Audio Companion and Omces, in order to help you gauge your readiness for the Exam. This information is based on over two years of emails and [...]

Episode 69: Battle Royale: The CBC vs. the CBSC [Podcast]

By |April 19th, 2013|Categories: Category IIA, Podcast|

A battle between giants! The California Building Code goes head to head with the California Building Standards Code. The fans are on their feet. Who shall prevail? Podcast Episode 069. In this episode, I put the California Building Code and the California Building Standards Code head to head in a battle royale to see who will come out as victor. I also discuss the recent website redesign, my goals for content creation, and the recent guest posts from the new series, "Success Stories." Click to Listen Click to Watch Battle Royale: California Building Code vs. California Building Standards Code [...]

I’m Sorry, but the Testing Center Cannot Provide You With Your Score

By |April 16th, 2013|Categories: Success Stories|

This is a new series featuring candidates' experiences with preparing for and taking the California Supplemental Exam. Another proctor came and solved the situation by inserting some codes and… I PASSED!!! I could not hold it anymore and started crying, then the proctor gave me a hug and she started to cry with me. You would think that this all started just 3 years ago, but for me it was long ago when I graduated from College. I received my degree in Architecture in March 2002. I graduated overseas in a country where the license is granted to you at [...]

Application and Certificate For Payment, AIA Document G702

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Getting paid for services rendered is a tradition that goes back to the beginning of time. In ancient times, it might have been in the form of eggs, beads, salt, incense, jewelry, or shekels. But when it comes to making payments today, cash is king. Video Tip 018. There seems to be a bit of mystery surrounding the AIA Document G702, Application and Certificate For Payment. Maybe it's because many of us don't actually get to use one in our work, it's always someone else in the office that's approving it. Maybe it's because we hear terms such as "Application [...]

I Completely Panicked At The Beginning. I Started To Hyperventilate.

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This is a new series featuring candidates' experiences with preparing for and taking the California Supplemental Exam. Well I completely panicked at the beginning. I couldn’t answer the first two questions at all. I started to hyperventilate. I’m originally from the UK and I’m based in Portland, Oregon where I am one of the owners of a 50-person firm that works across the Western US – thus the need to become licensed in California.  After a fair bit of procrastination I decided the only way to kick-start my CSE prep was going to be signing up for a seminar; so [...]

Desperation or Determination, Which One Will It Be?

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"Desperate times call for desperate measures." We can thank Greek physician, Hippocrates, for such an intriguing quote. But desperation should not be part of your internal dialogue as you prepare for the California Supplemental Exam.   Video Tip 017. There are two main mindsets to consider when preparing for the CSE. One is desperation, the other is determination. Which one you choose, ultimately comes down to your internal dialogue and the conversations you have with yourself, usually when nobody else is around. These conversations might take place in the shower, on your commute to work, or while you're laying in [...]

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