Passing the California Supplemental Exam is an accomplishment in and of itself. But passing it on your first attempt is even more difficult, and some will argue, more rewarding (although my goal is to help you pass, no matter how long it takes).

Podcast Episode 054.

I am pleased to bring you a very special interview with Jody, a candidate who recently passed the Exam on her first try and we discuss her strategies and test taking tips. This is one of the most important podcasts I have recorded to date. This is a MUST listen to episode.

  • Strategies that Jody implemented;
    • Began with the end in mind, i.e. she picked out her test date 3 months prior to preparing for the Exam and she stuck to it
    • Purchased the Ultimate Whole Enchilada so she had everything she needed
    • Allowed herself 3 months of study time
    • Spent two months going through all of the material twice including audio companion and flashcards
    • Spent the final month mainly on Omces eventually scoring 98-99% prior to taking the actual Exam
  • Struggles that Jody overcame;
    • Busy work schedule
    • Located out of state, unfamiliar with California’s codes, laws, and regulations
    • Did not have disciplined study habits for the AREs
    • Is not an audio person, but gave the audio companion a try and really benefited from listening to the material to help reinforce concepts she was reading and thinking about
    • Struggling with Omces in the beginning as it took a couple of weeks of working with Omces to get her scores up to where she wanted them to be

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