You’ve spent weeks preparing, maybe even months. You’re on a roll. But have you taken time to think about and plan the few days just before the Exam?


Podcast Episode 068.

I discuss a game plan for the 3 Days before taking your Exam and suggest what you should do each day. Day 3 is the “Not Learn Anything New Day”, Day 2 is the “You Are Prepared Day”, Day 1 is the “Distance” Day, and Day 0 is “Exam Day”.

I discuss the value of mental mindset, establishing a positive internal dialogue, building your confidence in the days leading up to taking your Exam.

I also discuss on Day 2 to listen to/watch;

This episode will help you focus and prepare in the final days before your Exam.

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Another Success Story

Rick sends in his email about recently passing the Exam. He titles his email “I’m 50 and I Passed” and gives some great advice for those candidates getting ready to take the Exam.

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