have not devoted an episode to discussing Exam Security before, mainly because I hadn’t really thought about the importance of stating the obvious. Until I was contacted by the California Architects Board


Podcast Episode 058.

I received a call from the California Architects Board last week in regards to the Video Tip I released last week about immediate results (CAB has indicated that ALL candidates should be getting immediate results). In speaking with the woman from CAB, she also wanted to caution me about giving advice to candidates (who didn’t pass) about writing everything down about the Exam once you leave the Exam (to help prepare in taking it again in 6 months). That could be considered “unauthorized reproduction” of Exam content and in violation of the Architects Practice Act, Section 123 of the Business and Professions Code, “Subversion of Licensing Examinations; Misdemeanor”. My advice was incorrect and I certainly do not want any candidate to do something that would be in violation of the Architects Practice Act and jeopardize their license they worked so hard to achieve. I offer my sincerest apologies to candidates.

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