Asking for help can be one of the most difficult things we do as human beings. Many like to think we can handles things ourselves, that we can do it with little or no help from others. I disagree.

Podcast Episode 053.

  • I discuss the benefits of asking those closest to you for help during the preparation part of the Exam including reaching out to family members to help you better focus during your studies.
  • A new visitor center in Louisiana is sinking in the swamp, only 30 days before the scheduled opening. This is the kind of story that is relevant to Knowledge Statement #1, natural conditions and how they influence the type of foundation that is selected. You can see the video, Sinking Building Video and also read an article from a local newspaper, Sinking Building Article.
  • Jody sends in her success story with some advice for others preparing for the Exam.
  • Sang sends in a question about the Environmental Protection Agency and the 6 regulations we should be familiar with.
  • Nick sends in a question about the B202 – Programming and the B203 – Site Evaluation and Planning.

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