Turning 50 is a big deal. Today, I release my 50th episode of the California Supplemental Exam Podcast and I’m very proud of being able to put out 50 episodes and let’s raise a glass to 150 more!

Podcast Episode 050.

  • We celebrate our 50th eposide!
  • Karen sends in 2 questions from OMCES relating to humidity in the desert and building in a flood prone area.
  • Nick sends in a question about focusing on stakeholders at the National level.
  • Sarah sends in a question about stamping signing drawings for exempt projects even after we are licensed. Also check out CAB’s Spring 2007 Newsletter, Page 7 for further explanation.
  • Yuki sends in a question about the confusion about the exemption of the Essential Services Buildings Seismic Safety Act.
  • Robert sends in a question about “informed consent”  in relation to the Architects Practice Act.

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