8 Week Coaching Program begins
Monday, September 12, 2022

Join the Coaching Program and become licensed before the end of the year!

Success Stories from my Previous Coaching Groups!

What’s included with the Group Coaching?

  • 2022 Ultimate Whole Enchilada
  • Daily Study Plan – Know what to study EACH day
  • 8 Weekly Zoom Calls with David
  • Each Zoom Call is 1 Hour
  • Discussion of ALL Knowledge Statements contained in the CAB Test Plan
  • Private Slack Group
  • 90 Day Access to Exam Simulator (in lieu of 30 days)
  • Ability to interact with David and other candidates utilizing Slack and Zoom

What’s expected of me during Group Coaching?

  • Show up for the LIVE Zoom Calls
  • Work the Daily Study Plan and stay on track
  • Ability to study 10-12 hours a week (1.5-2 hours daily)
  • Participate in discussion on Zoom and Slack
  • Willing to sit for the CSE Exam between Nov 1-15

When are the Zoom Calls?

  • Tuesdays 6pm-7pm PT
  • Calls are 1 hour
  • Calls run from Tuesday, Sept 12 – Oct 31
  • Calls are recorded

I already purchased the Ultimate Whole Enchilada, can i still join?

  • Yes, click the button below that says ADD Coaching for $699 IF you have the 2017 Ultimate Whole Enchilada or newer based on the CURRENT CAN TEST PLAN (if your study guide has 51 Knowledge Statements, you have the correct version. If it has 55 Knowledge Statements, you have the older version and it won’t line up to the daily study plan, so you may want to consider purchasing the new one as I don’t offer an upgrade).