Episode 49: Natedawg Needs Advice, Confusion Between OSHPD and DSA Accessibility Plan Check [Podcast]

Wrapping your head around the amount of material that is part of the California Architects Board Reference List of materials is a daunting task and has been known to cause more than a few headaches. I discuss a recent email conversation I had with "Natedawg", a candidate needing help getting his head "wrapped around the material"

Episode 48: Audience Questions about Responsible Control, Practice Act, Paying for Inspections [Podcast]

The Architects Practice Act is published by the California Architects Board and is a major component to understand when preparing for the California Supplemental Exam. I discuss an IMPORTANT update about new information in regard to the Statistical Analysis. Sharie sends in a question about the Practice Act and projects for when a licensed architect

Episode 43: Studio Update & Questions Answered [Podcast]

Moving forward and trying to better ourselves through self-improvement or helping others is an important ingredient in maintaining a healthy life balance. In this episode, I give an update on the CSEprep.com Studio and everything I have been working on for the last three months including the Studio Redesign, the new Ultimate Whole Enchilada, and the CSE

Episode 42: Increase Your Study Performance [Podcast]

Apositive mental mindset is important for any aspect of life when we want to be successful. When it comes to preparing for the California Supplemental Exam, having a positive mindset will help suppress any negative thoughts and feelings that might try and surface while you're taking the Exam. I’m joined by Performance Enhancement Coach, Joshua

Episode 41: Knowledge of Bidding & Negotiation [Podcast]

Bidding & Negotiation is a necessary skill for any business owner and those in management positions at corporations and firms. Setting expectations is crucial to ensuring a smooth process and making sure there's a happy client at the project completion. I discuss Knowledge Statement # 46 - Knowledge of Bidding and Negotiation Services Change to

Episode 40: Knowledge of Other California Special Regulations [Podcast]

Focusing on the right regulations in California for studying for the California Supplemental Exam is an important component so you're not becoming overwhelmed or wasting precious time. I discuss Knowledge Statement #19 including the California Coastal Act, California Clean Air Act, California Public Contract Code, Field Act, and Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act Links mentioned

Episode 39: Knowledge of Architect’s Responsibilities and Requirements for Practicing in California [Podcast]

As licensed professionals practicing in the state of California, we as architects, are held to a higher standard because of the huge responsibility that is place upon us. It's important that we have a crystal clear understanding of what it means to be a licensed architect practicing in California. I introduce the Video component of

Episode 38: Site Evaluation and Planning [Podcast]

Knowledge of the American Institute of Architects documents is an important part of preparing for the California Supplemental Exam. It's especially important to have thorough understanding of the services that we provide, including basic and additional services. I discuss AIA Document B203:  Standard Form of Architect’s Services: Site Evaluation and Planning I've created 2 Mobile

Episode 37: Knowledge of Consultants Services [Podcast]

Choosing our consultants is critical to helping us properly serve our clients. Consultants can also help us shine as architects and can be integral team members. It's important we have a solid understanding of our relationship with all of our consultants we hire. Knowledge Statement #34:  Knowledge of consultants (e.g. civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, landscaping,

Episode 36: Knowledge of Local Laws, Codes, Regulations, and Standards [Podcast]

Understanding the local laws, codes, and regulations that we utilize as licensed architects in the state of California is important not only for the California Supplemental Exam, but for our own practice as well. Knowledge Statement #24: Knowledge of local laws, codes, regulations, and standards Within 30 days of taking your Exam? Check out the

Episode 35: Ability To Organize and Evaluate Relevant Program Information [Podcast]

Organization is an important skill to have as an architect. We are always organizing, from floor plans to office files. We also organize for our clients as well when putting together a programming document. Knowledge Statement #8: Ability to organize and evaluate relevant program information to prepare a Final Program Document I discuss AIA Document

Episode 34: Knowledge of Accessibility Provisions of the California Building Code [Podcast]

Accessibility provision of the California Building Code are an important part of the California Supplemental Exam. We need to make sure we are clear on the requirements as it pertains to the Exam and our own architectural practice. Knowledge Statement #14: Knowledge of Accessibility Provisions of the California Building Code CAB updates the Reference Materials

Episode 33: Ability to Prepare Construction Documents appropriate to Project Type [Podcast]

Knowledge of the project type you are working with will help you correctly prepare the drawings, the specifications, and also your contract administration duties. This will ensure a smooth running project. Knowledge Statement #45: Ability to prepare construction documents appropriate to project type I discuss what is meant by being confident and relaxed on exam

Episode 32: Audience Questions about Streamline Act, Discussion of General Conditions and Solar Plumbing [Podcast]

[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/reside/cse32-audiencequestions2.mp3] About this Episode: At the beginning of the show I mentioned we’d discuss Knowledge Statement #45 but ran out of time after answering audience questions so I’ll do that Knowledge Statement next week. One last chance and small window to get into the BETA testing program of the OMCES, the Online Multiple Choice Exam

Episode 31: Knowledge of stakeholders [Podcast]

[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/reside/cse31-stakeholders.mp3] About this Episode: Knowledge Statement #5: Knowledge of stakeholders (e.g. environmental groups, citizens’ advisory committes, neighborhood & community organizations) Chris from San Francisco sends an AWESOME link to AIA commentaries http://www.aia.org/contractdocs/aiab081438 Like us on Facebook - Click the right sidebar “like” button on www.cseprep.com or www.facebook.com/cseprep Upcoming Webinar August 10 & 17 Upcoming Seminars

Episode 30: Knowledge of Procedures for Performing Project Closeout [Podcast]

[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/reside/cse30-projectcloseout.mp3] About this Episode: *NOTE: there is not outro on this episode, technical glitch (i.e. me), so when it sounds like it abruptly cuts off, that is the end of the episode. Knowledge Statement #52: Knowledge of procedures for performing project closeout Certificate of Substantial Completion Partial Occupancy and Use Certificate of Occupancy Notice of

029. CSE podcast – Knowledge of Architects Role and Responsibilities in Coordinating an Entire Project Team

[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/reside/cse29-rolesandresponsibilities.mp3] About this Episode: Knowledge Statement #35: Knowledge of architects role and responsibilities in coordinating an entire project team Dino sends in a voicemail about when a written contract is not required and the old candidate study guide Download the “Old Candidate Study Guide” with YMCA project scenario Facebook Fan Page - Join the Community

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