I have been wanting to record this episode for quite awhile because I frequently receive questions from candidates asking where they should begin listening to the CSE podcast.

Podcast Episode 062.

All of the content from episode 1 to episode 41 is based on the individual Knowledge Statements. If you have purchased the Ultimate Whole Enchilada, then you already have better information than what is contained in those podcast episodes. So there is no reason to listen to episodes prior to episode 42. Episode was a transition for me and the CSE podcast as it really opened my eyes to the mental preparation for the Exam, a subject not really talked about before. I discuss the Top 5 CSE podcast episodes and have also listed them here;

1. Episode 42 – Increase Your Study Performance, an interview with Joshua Medcalf of TrainToBeClutch.com

2. Episode 45 – What Should I expect on Exam Day

3. Episode 54 – How I Passed the CSE on My First Try

4. Episode 56 – 80 Hours to the CSE and Mt. Whitney

5. Episode 57 – 5 Items to Gauge if You Are REALLY Determined to Pass the CSE

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I discuss my favorite app for listening to podcasts. PocketCasts is a great app with a nice graphical user interface and it also allows you to listen to a podcast episode by streaming it, without downloading it to your phone. This is the only app I use to subscribe to podcasts. It is $1.99 for the iPhone and $2.99 for Android. If you use it, be sure to leave your feedback in the comments below.

Enforcement Actions

In this new segment, I turn to CAB’s recent newsletters and discuss an individual who has been found to violate the Architects Practice Act and how that applies to what we need to know so we don’t make the same mistakes. In this week’s installment, I discuss an enforcement action from CAB’s Spring Newsletter in which an unlicensed individual violated the Architects Practice Act, the Business and Professions Code section 5536(a), Practice Without a License or Holding Self Out as Architect. The individual listed used the word “architectural” in describing the types of services his firm offered. Unlicensed individuals may not advertise “architectural” design.