Exam Taking Strategy: Project Scenario

Strategy is important when facing any kind of opponent, whether you’re competing in a baseball game, climbing rocks in Joshua Tree, or playing chess in Washington Square Park. Without a strategy, your chances of winning decline. 

Strategy chess

Video Tip 006.

You need to have a strategy before you show up to take the test on Exam day. Part of having a strategy is knowing what to expect on Exam day. In this video tip, I discuss exam taking strategy for the Project Scenario section of the California Supplemental Exam and also discuss the reason that time management is extremely important for this section of the Exam.

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19 comments… add one
  • Stephanie Osorio

    Thanks for the tips David! SUPER helpful!

    • David

      You’re welcome Stephanie! Good Luck on Exam day 🙂

  • khoan

    It was good to get this tip. Thanks for all of your help.
    Do you know where I can find out the success rate on the exam so far? It’s been a little over a year since they’ve gone electronic.

    • David

      hi khoan!

      thank you for the kind words. as far as I know, CAB has released any kind of info about pass rates or even the number of candidates taking the exam. the passing score was originally 74% which they lowered to 70% last fall when they completed their statistical analysis. hopefully they will release some info soon. keeping candidates in the dark seems to be a guilty pleasure of CABs 😉

      thanks, david

      • Heather Singerman

        I’m not sure if this information is out there on the cseprep.com website, but since I recently read this information and just watches this video tip today and read the comments, I wanted to be sure this info got here for others too! Per the meeting materials (minutes) of the June 14 CAB meeting (http://www.cab.ca.gov/pdf/packets/2012_06_14_bd_packet.pdf) they state that between the launch of the new format on Feb 1 2011 and May 31 2012, the CSE had been administered to 1,390 candidates, of which 56% have passed. That’s the latest pass rate info I’ve found, but that link is a very interesting read if you’re into it.

        • David

          hi heather,

          that is awesome information, i hadn’t come across that yet!

          thanks for posting,


  • hvincentx

    Really good to have this spelled out. I’m a few months out from my test date, so even better in terms of preparation. Thanks for doing this!

    • David

      You’re welcome! Good luck with your Exam 🙂

      thanks, david

  • Jan

    Thanks David. Very helpfull, only 2-3 min. I spent about 7 last time I took the exam, what a waste!

    • David

      hi jan

      yes, i’m glad you found it helpful. 2-3 minutes seems to be the magic number 😉

      thanks, david

  • Michael Karkowski

    Thanks for the tips David, keep them coming, they are much appreciated.

    • David

      hi michael,

      thanks for checking them out and i sure will 🙂


  • Mike

    Good information, David. Thanks. I would also like to point out that if you go to the psi web site, it currently shows 65 minutes for the project scenario portion of the exam.

    • David

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the info. good to know. My guess is if it’s 65 minutes, it’s probably 36 or 37 questions.

      thanks for checking out the video tip and good luck!


  • denise

    Less stress knowing what you are up against. Now can focus on what I really need to do.
    Thanks , this was very helpful

    • David

      hi denise,

      you’re most welcome! yes, i agree, focusing on what is most important is the best plan of attack. don’t worry about things out of your control. good luck!


  • Babak

    Thank you David, It was useful info.

    • David

      You’re most welcome Babak!

      Good Luck on the Exam 🙂

      Thanks, David

  • Caitlin

    Just registered for the CSE, and it now shows (2) project scenarios instead of (1), both 60 minutes and with 30 questions each. Would this change your strategy at all?

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