Episode 45: What Should I Expect on Exam Day? [Podcast]

Knowing what to expect on Exam day can be instrumental in how the process goes when you’re sitting in front of the computer with the clock ticking down.


Podcast Episode 045.

  • In this episode, I discuss what you should expect on exam day including the Project Scenario and General Section as well as the wording of questions and what is considered a passing score. It’s important to be confident and prepared on Exam day and this episode will help you get there.
  • Reena sent in questions about special inspections, who pays for inspections, and who enforces ADA regulations.

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9 comments… add one
  • Toshimori Uzawa

    Thank you for letting me know this episode by the e-mail yesterday. As usulal, it was a very educational one, too. Especially, as you said that many candidates failed with such as 69, 68 or 67 ponints. I am one of them. I took the test on March 5 and failed as 69. I was very disapointed myself why it happend to me but you encarraged me very much. So, I will start over. By the way, I may violate the CSE’s rules but honestly, more than a few quetions were as the almost identical as your exam simulator’s questions. I will definitely back to study exam simulator in August or sptember, again. Can I get a discount price, again?
    Thanks a lot for your didication to us. Toshi

    • David

      Hi toshi,

      great to hear from you my friend! i’m sorry you didn’t pass, but hang in there, you will get it. i just finished an interview with aubrey who took the exam twice and she received her pass letter a couple of weeks ago. we just recorded CSE podcast episode #46, i’m going to be posting it shortly, be sure to check it out.

      when you’re ready to get back on the horse again, shoot me an email,

      best of luck,


  • Heather Singerman

    I’m taking my test tomorrow and haven’t made it through ALL the podcasts yet, so I decided to go through those emails you send out and made sure I watched all the podcasts you highlighted.
    If you aren’t already a part of it, I thought I’d let you know about some groups you might connect with in your goal of running 50 marathons in 50 states before you turn 50…it’s not an uncommon goal by any means, I have a friend pursing the same goal right now.
    Congrats on your 1/2 marathon PR as well. I tried listening to your podcasts while I run, but found I really wasn’t paying attention, so instead I’ve taken them hiking with me, which has worked out excellent. Don’t even want to add up how many hours of podcasts I listened to over labor day weekend, I went hiking all 3 days!


    • David

      hi heather,

      thanks for the info! good luck on the Exam tomorrow, be sure to let me know how it goes 🙂

      thanks, david

      • Heather Singerman

        And it’s a PASS! Thanks so much for all the materials you put together! I spent 5 weeks studying with intense focus and intense amounts of time devoted to this over those 5 weeks, and it worked out!

        • David

          Congratulations Heather! you, my friend, are a bonafide RockStar 🙂

  • Jamie Molina

    I really enjoyed this podcast. Thank you.

    I was wondering though why all of the podcasts 2 years or more old. Is episode 69 from April 2013 the newest post?

    • David

      Hi Jamie, I’ll be starting the podcast up again soon. Stay tuned!

      Thanks, david

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