Episode 42: Increase Your Study Performance [Podcast]

Apositive mental mindset is important for any aspect of life when we want to be successful. When it comes to preparing for the California Supplemental Exam, having a positive mindset will help suppress any negative thoughts and feelings that might try and surface while you’re taking the Exam.


Podcast Episode 042.

  • I’m joined by Performance Enhancement Coach, Joshua Medcalf, of TrainToBeClutch.com
  • We discuss techniques to help you get the most out of your studying time and tips on developing efficient study habits including creating positive affirmations, your heart’s beliefs, and the power of positive mindset.
  • This is how a 3 year old does positive affirmations [See Video]
  • Contact Joshua at joshua.medcalf@gmail.com or 918.361.8611
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13 comments… add one
  • Maria Ruiz-Ostmeyer

    David: what a GREAT PODCAST!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I enjoyed it really well I’m gonna watch that video many times, thanks for caring!!!
    Maria Ruiz-Ostmeyer.

    • David

      Hi maria,

      thanks SO much for the feedback. i agree, it is really great. i watched once after i recorded it and plan to listen to it on one of my long runs. hopefully more candidates will see this because this is the stuff that never gets talked about, although i may try and somehow incorporate it into my seminar.

      keep up the great work!


  • Toshimori Uzawa

    This is the best of the best CSE podcast. It was saved in my cell phone and forwarded to my wife, my daugher (swim coarch @ Nova) and my son on his birthday.
    Thanks a lot and Happy Holidays,

    • David

      hi toshi my friend! yes i’m glad you liked it! i’ve received a lot of great feedback over the last several months. i hope 2012 is treating you well!


  • Carlos

    David, very interesting video. Simple approach to deal with the test and other situations too.
    About the Ultimate Whole Enchilada: I bought the Whole enchilada one year ago, how different is the Ultimate W. E. is? Do I need to buy the full package or can I buy the new information?
    Thanks again for the videos

    • David

      hi carlos,

      thanks for checking out the video. yes the Ultimate Whole Enchilada is a big improvement over the previous enchilada. send me an email as i have an upgrade price available and can send you the link.

      thanks, david

  • eric eichstaedt

    Hi David,

    Thanks for another relevant and helpful podcast. I think we all are giving ourselves “affirmations” all the time without knowing it, they just happen to be often negative, especially when faced with challenges that scare us. They are “subconscious” to an extent I believe, but we have to have the confidence to talk to ourselves and debate and ask ourselves questions like “is that really true” (i.e. “I suck at taking tests”, or “all exam centers are ugly in the ugliest neighborhoods and the AC is always on too high”, etc., etc.). But back to the point, we are going and do have conversations with ourselves (since we “talk to ourselves” all day long) where we “affirm” certain beliefs – so why not make them positive. One personal belief that persists with me that always undermines my confidence is that I think the exam preparers are “the authority” or “the man”, and cold heartless bastards who are arrogant enough to decide to be on the board to prepare exams, are nobody I’d ever want to have lunch with, and on and on. So “hate them” and “their exam” and I already feel intimidated and resentful – not a happy and loose place to be. Maybe I am exaggerating here a little, after all once you sit down to take the exam there is no time to think about anything else, but still the point is coming into it with those counterproductive thoughts sets the stage for your mood and as Joshua says, our heart beliefs. We have to be centered and have a good relationship with ourselves, be kind to ourselves, have compassion for ourselves, and start being our own best friend and coach. Nobody can do that for us. But we do need help and, hence, your CSE exam prep and motivation strategies highlighted in this podcast. Thanks again!


    • David

      Hi Eric,

      Yeah, this podcast was a turning point for me and my podcasting about the CSE. I had an inkling about the mental mindset needed but never really figured out how to articulate or address until I started talking to Joshua. A really eye opening podcast and, at last count, one of the top three of downloaded episodes. I agree about your points. In fact, there are a couple of words that I don’t allow my boys to say (other than the obvious curse words), words such as hate, stupid, and suck. They rarely use them, but if they do, I correct them and it’s done. It’s a small thing but it all flows down to our mental mindset. Thanks for your comment, very much appreciated!


  • Ioeming

    Yes, positive mental attitude is what I believe an important common attribute in a successful person, and passionate is just another face of it. Great story about the girl from Nigeria who was thriving about her days in school.
    Great podcast! Thank you!

    • David

      Thanks Loeming for the comment! Yes a positive mental attitude cannot be underestimated 🙂

      Good Luck with your studies!

      Thanks, David

  • Maureen Dant

    Thanks David. The positive affirmation talk was really helpful!

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