There appears to be evidence of another statistical analysis taking place for the California Supplemental Exam.

A candidate found information from the December CAB meeting minutes and sent it to me so I’ve posted it here. (Shout out to Craig for finding the info!)

It explains that there are three tests, Form A, Form B, and Form C and they implemented Form C recently which is the reason for the current statistical analysis.

It also appears, according to the minutes, that CAB is aiming to begin releasing results immediately after the Exam has been taken beginning June 1, 2012.

However, here is the problem. CAB needs candidates to take the Exam over the next month or so to have enough exams taken to perform the analysis (this was a problem in the past with the first statistical analysis). BUT with a June 1 date looming with the possibility of IMMEDIATE test results, I would imagine most candidates will wait until June to take the Exam.

If CAB sees a  decline of tests being taken soon, that could potentially delay the results of the analysis, which could in turn delay the June 1 goal of immediate results. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

What affect will this have on your own Exam? Will you reschedule and wait until June? Feel free to post your comments below.