It’s been over 9 years since my last blog post on this website, which is crazy. But I’ve been cleaning up the blog in anticipation of rebooting the CSE Podcast.

In going through all of the previous posts, I want to make sure everyone who’s going to be taking the Exam has an opportunity to read these 5 Success Stories. They are just as relevant today as they were when they were written. They’re sprinkled throughout the blog, but I wanted to create this new post with links to the 5 Success Stories so they would be easy to find. And I’ll be referring my coaching candidates to this page often. So here are the 5 Success Stories you should read before taking the Exam:

  1. The Surest Way To Fail Is To Quit
  2. Hard Work and Determination Does Indeed Pay Off
  3. I’m Sorry, but the Testing Center Cannot Provide You With Your Score
  4. I Completely Panicked At The Beginning. I Started To Hyperventilate
  5. My Heart Sank To My Stomach