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  • Knowledge Statement #1: Conditions of the Natural Environment in California
  • Online Multiple Choice Exam Simulator – BETA testing: How to become part of it and start practicing online. The details;
    • Online Multiple Choice Exam Simulator will formally launch at the end of May/early June, but you can become a BETA tester and gain access to the online tests in 2 Weeks PLUS gain free access once the Multiple Choice Exam Simulator goes public, here’s how;
    • Send to david@cseprep.com 20 Multiple Choice Questions w/ 4 answers and the correct answer noted. Please make sure these are orignal and thoughtful¬†questions
    • You will be invited to begin participating in the Online Exam Simulator in about 2 weeks which should have a bank of 300 – 500 questions at that point
    • Once it goes public, you will receive FREE 30 day access
    • Send in your 20 Multiple Choice Questions to david@cseprep.com
  • $200 April Amazon Giftcard Feedback Contest – Help me improve my materials! Whether you’ve already taking the Exam or are still studying, YOU can Enter to Win a $200 Amazon Gift Card by submitting your recommendations/suggestions for improvement to david@cseprep.com
  • Upcoming SoCal Seminar, Saturday May 21
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