About this Episode:

  • Audience Feedback and Questions
  • $200 April Amazon Giftcard Feedback Contest – Help me improve my materials! Whether you’ve already taking the Exam or are still studying, YOU can Enter to Win a $200 Amazon Gift Card by submitting your recommendations/suggestions for improvement to david@cseprep.com
  • What’s the deal with CAB making us wait 90 days
  • Christine offers a suggestion about interviewing Agencies
  • Takeshi sends in a suggestion about the Project Scenario
  • Kevin gives some kudos about a recent LIVE! seminar
  • Mark and Xie send in quick thoughts after taking the exam
  • Michael from NY sends in thoughts about the review of contracts
  • Edward discusses the removal of Section 135 from the Architects Practice Act
  • Shannon also sends in removal 135 plus some other Practice Act information
  • Lisl offers a suggestion about painting a broad overview before diving into review of contracts
  • Sue sends in several questions about Architect’s responsibilities
  • Gordon brings up the ‘ole “specifications over-rule drawings” debate
  • Upcoming NoCal Seminar, Saturday April 30
  • Upcoming Webinar Wednesdays, April 20 & 27
  • Upcoming SoCal Seminar, Saturday May 21
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