About this Episode:

  • Knowledge Statement #31: Approval from Regulatory Agencies
  • Candidates are scheduling their exam on the PSI website!
  • NoCal Seminar Update: Discount Extended &  Holiday Inn Oakland Airport http://www.hioaklandairport.com/
  • Webinar Scheduled! https://californiasupplementalexam.com/webinars/  **Please note that if you’ve already purchased the Whole Enchilda and would like to participate in the Webinar, send an email to david@cseprep.com and I will send you a discount link (difference between Webinar and Whole Enchilada already purchased)
  • Voicemail feedack from Alvin about Knowledge Statements #15, #17, #18, #21, #31
  • Questions from Josue about submitting to agencies
  • Comments from Jerry, Paul, Christine, and Takeshi
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