Episode 36: Knowledge of Local Laws, Codes, Regulations, and Standards [Podcast]

Understanding the local laws, codes, and regulations that we utilize as licensed architects in the state of California is important not only for the California Supplemental Exam, but for our own practice as well. Knowledge Statement #24: Knowledge of local laws, codes, regulations, and standards Within 30 days of taking your Exam? Check out the

027. CSE podcast – Knowledge of Local Community Development Agencies

[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/reside/cse27-localagencies.mp3] About this Episode: Knowledge Statement #28: Knowledge of Local Community Development Agencies Facebook Fan Page - Join the Community www.facebook.com/cseprep We are seeing a 65% pass rate based upon the areforum.org Chris sends in a great comment Christine sends in a comment about the “Are We Getting Lazy” episode Upcoming Webinar July 20 &

012. CSE podcast – Americans with Disabilities Act

[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/reside/cse12-ADA.MP3] About this Episode: Knowledge Statement #25: Americans with Disablities Act Upcoming March SoCal Seminar & Webinar Upcoming NoCal Seminar Clarification of the 25 Q&A Guide and 200 Q&A Guide Question from Paul about getting the audio companion on to his iphone Question from Audrey about clarification between the 2007 Test Plan and latest California

010. CSE podcast – Approval from Regulatory Agencies

[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/reside/cse10-regulatoryagencies.MP3] About this Episode: Knowledge Statement #31: Approval from Regulatory Agencies Candidates are scheduling their exam on the PSI website! NoCal Seminar Update: Discount Extended &  Holiday Inn Oakland Airport http://www.hioaklandairport.com/ Webinar Scheduled! http://californiasupplementalexam.com/webinars/  **Please note that if you've already purchased the Whole Enchilda and would like to participate in the Webinar, send an email

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