Amazing Resource to Help You in Studying the Building Code

Let's face it. Reading through the California Building Code is dry and boring. I am going to share with you an amazing resource that will help turn boredom into pure joy! Francis Ching's Building Codes Illustrated  is my favorite resource to help you in better understanding the California Building Code, which is based on the

Where Do You Go For “Me” Time?

Everyone wants our time. Our work, our family, our kids. And the more we give, the more they want. It's time to save some time for "Me." Learning to take time out for ourselves is often easily overlooked these days, especially with so many things seeking attention for our time. From work and family to

Anger or Acceptance?

The events of the last 48 hours has been frustrating, discouraging, and down right maddening for anyone getting ready to take the California Supplemental Exam. The news that many candidates with scheduled exams over the next two months had their dates abruptly cancelled, has angered and frustrated many affected candidates. And rightly so, I might add. It's not

How Do I Know When I’m Ready?

A crystal ball would be a great thing to be able to peer into before sitting for the California Supplemental Exam.  We all want to feel like we have studied enough and that we are ready to take the Exam. But how do we really know if we're not able to measure our progress. In

Desperation or Determination, Which One Will It Be?

"Desperate times call for desperate measures." We can thank Greek physician, Hippocrates, for such an intriguing quote. But desperation should not be part of your internal dialogue as you prepare for the California Supplemental Exam.   There are two main mindsets to consider when preparing for the CSE. One is desperation, the other is determination.

Change Order Form, AIA Document G701

"The only constant is change." This quote is a variation of Greek Philosopher Heraclitus' "Nothing endures but change." If you've spent anytime working on a construction site or having your hand in the contract administration process, you know this statement is 100% true. Maybe even 1000% true. But who's counting?  It's important that we are familiar with

Instant Gratification, I Don’t Want To Wait

Whether we go to the gym, start a new diet, or build a new business, we want instant results because we don't like to wait. We want results now. Unfortunately, many of these things just take time and instant results are not always possible. BUT when it comes to getting your CSE results, they are

When Should I Take a Seminar?

Taking a seminar can be an excellent way to motivate you to start studying or an excellent confidence builder just before taking the California Supplemental Exam. There are three main choices of when to take a seminar, at the beginning of your studies, in the middle of your studies, or at the end of your

Smile, You’re On Candid Camera

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." - William Shakespeare.   I discuss the importance of smiling for the camera when you arrive at the test center to take your Exam because you will be staring at YOU for the entire Exam! I've created 2 Mobile Apps to help

Importance of Writing IT Down

As we come to the beginning of a new year, I take a moment to share why it's a good time to plan ahead for the coming year and encourage you to write your goals down in order to help ensure you pass the CSE in 2013. I have set the goal of delivering content

Success Story, Balance is So Important

Balance is essential to maintaining our sanity. It's also an essential ingredient when preparing to take the California Supplemental Exam. I share feedback from Ian who passed the Exam last week including his advice about maintaining balance in his own life as he progressed through his studying. I'm also happy to report the California Supplemental

Exam Security, Who’s Really Paying Attention Anyway?

Exam security is a serious topic and it's important to have an understanding in order to stay in the good graces of the California Architects Board.   I released CSE podcast Episode #58 the other day about Exam Security, but I am presenting the abridged version here as today's Video Tip because it is such an important

Exam Taking Strategy: Project Scenario

Strategy is important when facing any kind of opponent, whether you're competing in a baseball game, climbing rocks in Joshua Tree, or playing chess in Washington Square Park. Without a strategy, your chances of winning decline.  You need to have a strategy before you show up to take the test on Exam day. Part of

Know Your Numbers

Albert Eisnstein was a mathematical genius. He loved working with numbers, formulas, and solving complex problems. We don't need to be Einstein to pass the California Supplemental Exam, but understanding the numbers that we will see on Exam day will increase our chances of having a positive experience.   I discuss the importance of knowing

What is the difference between the B102 & B201?

Understanding a contract is essential for any business transaction. Knowing what you and the other party are agreeing to perform is paramount prior to beginning any business relationship. Knowledge of the AIA documents is essential for preparing for the California Supplemental Exam. I discuss the difference between the B102 and the B201, two of the

The Specifications Overrule the Drawings….or Do They?

The contractor calls you about a high end residential project and says "the drawings are calling for wood base but the specs are calling for a 4" vinyl base. Since the specs overrule the drawings, should I install the vinyl base?" What do you tell him? I discuss whether the Specifications overrule the Drawings is

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