And CAB very quietly changed the Test Plan last year and didn’t tell anybody. Nor did they mention anything on their website. Once I found out last year about the Test Plan change, I began reworking all of the content and the new Online CSE Prep Course was launched in August 2022.

2022 Test Plan Update

What’s changed with the New Test Plan?

The short answer is, not much content has changed in the Test Plan. It’s 97% the same. They added deferred submittals, life cycle cost analysis, and project funding sources. I don’t believe there is a reason to upgrade to the new 2024 Online CSE Prep Course. Unless….

…you want much more user friendly experience and don’t want to deal with pdfs and the constant password entering and managing the audio files and the separate exam simulator login, you get the idea.

I’ve worked extremely hard to make this entire process much more manageable and less overwhelming. And it functions like a well designed online course and you will be able to track your progress. All of the Knowledge Statements are broken down in to bite sized steps that are more easily consumed. There are 222 steps in the course.

And the whole exam simulator process is much cleaner as well. It is much easier and more enjoyable to use. And for those of you who prefer printed materials, the course pages are webpages that can easily be printed from any web browser.

You can see more information including a peek inside here;

2024 Online CSE Prep Course

To be clear. CAB changed their Test Plan sometime last Spring. But they didn’t tell anyone about it. It went from 4 Categories to 5 Categories. It went from 52 Knowledge Statements to 58 Knowledge Statements. And they jumbled everything around. Which is why it took me so long to sort everything out and align the right content with the new Knowledge Statements. The Online CSE Prep Course was launched in August 2022.

There is not much in the Ultimate Whole Enchilada that will align nicely with the new 2022 Test Plan (if you’re into that kind of thing). I spent a long time parsing out the material and using excel spreadsheets and cross-referencing old to new and vice versa. As I said previously most of the content is unchanged. They just scrambled everything up like in a bingo ball tumbler. The 2022 Test Plan does not align with the Ultimate Whole Enchilada and the older Test Plan.

The new course is a 2, 3, or 4 month subscription which gives you plenty of time to prepare for the Exam. I know you may not be ready to start your subscription right now and that’s okay. You can still upgrade today and take advantage of the discount and then simply email down the road when you’re ready for access to begin and i”ll set you up.

I can give you a credit of $150 to apply towards whichever subscription you choose. I also have a coaching program that may be what you need in order to take the exam in 3 months (since you’ve already been at this on your own for a couple of years or more). You can find more information about the coaching program here:

Coaching Program

Just send me an email to and let me know which subscription you’re interested in and I’ll send you a discount code for $150 to use towards a subscription of your choosing.