List of Podcast Episodes

Episode 069. Battle Royale: The CBC vs. the CBSC
Episode 068.  Here’s Your Plan 3 Days Before the Exam
Episode 067.  I’m 23 and I Passed the CSE!
Episode 066.  Sound Advice From an Out of State Candidate
Episode 065.  Design Professionals Lien Law, Do We Still Need To Know It?
Episode 064.  What’s Really the Big Deal About Substantial Completion Anyway?
Episode 063.  Give Yourself a Raise to 73? Here’s What the Owner Pays For
Episode 062.  Top 5 CSE Podcast Episodes and PocketCasts
Episode 061.  Why 70% is Good Enough
Episode 060.  Clearing Up Confusion Between a Law and a Contract, Insurance Requirements
Episode 059.  Procedure For Handling Nonconforming Work & My Data Backup Plan
Episode 058.  Exam Security, an Apology, and the Ultimate 12 Week Study Plan
Episode 057.  On Top of the World (almost)! 5 Items to Gauge If You Are REALLY Determined to Pass
Episode 056.  80 Hours on a Long and Windy Road to the CSE….and Mt. Whitney
Episode 055.  Terri Is 5500 and You Will Be Soon Too!
Episode 054.  How I Passed the CSE On My First Try!
Episode 053.  Asking For Help and a Sinking Building
Episode 052.  Knowledge Is Not Enough, You Need Wisdom to Pass the Exam
Episode 051.  Immediate Results: Fact or Fiction and Success Stories
Episode 050.  We Celebrate our 50th Episode, Humidity in the Desert and More!
Episode 049.  Natedawg Needs Advice, Confusion Between OSHPD and DSA Accessibility Plan Check
Episode 048.  Audience Questions about Responsible Control, Practice Act, Paying for Inspections
Episode 047.  What’s Up With Another Statistical Analysis, I Mean Really?
Episode 046.  Success Story: I passed the CSE On My 2nd Try!
Episode 045.  What Should I Expect on Exam Day?
Episode 044.  Is NOT Passing the CSE Really Failure?
Episode 043.  Studio Update & Questions Answered
Episode 042.  Increase Your Study Performance
Episode 041.  Knowledge of Bidding & Negotiation
Episode 040.  Knowledge of Other California Special Regulations
Episode 039.  Knowledge of Architect’s Responsibilities and Requirements for Practicing in California
Episode 038.  Site Evaluation and Planning
Episode 037.  Knowledge of Consultants Services
Episode 036.  Knowledge of Local Laws, Codes, Regulations, and Standards
Episode 035.  Ability To Organize and Evaluate Relevant Program Information to Prepare a Final Program Document
Episode 034.  Knowledge of Accessibility Provisions of the California Building Code
Episode 033.  Ability to Prepare Construction Documents appropriate to Project Type
Episode 032.  Audience Questions about Streamline Act, Discussion of General Conditions and Solar Plumbing
Episode 031.  Knowledge of stakeholders (e.g. environmental groups, citizens’ advisory committes, neighborhood & community organizations)
Episode 030.  Knowledge of Procedures for Performing Project Closeout
Episode 029.  Knowledge of Architects Role and Responsibilities in Coordinating an Entire Project Team
Episode 028.  Knowledge of Procedures for Monitoring Construction Costs and Schedules
Episode 027.  Knowledge of Local Community Development Agencies
Episode 026.  Are We Getting Lazy and Knowledge of Natural and Human-caused Hazardous Conditions
Episode 025.  The Results Are In!
Episode 024.  Knowledge of Contents of Design Drawings and Related Documents Required for Agency Approval
Episode 023.  Knowledge of the Relationships between Architect, Owner, and Contractor
Episode 022.  Elements of Legal Contract as Required by the Architects Practice Act
Episode 021.  How Practicing within the Standard of Care Limits Professional Liability
Episode 020.  Conditions of the Natural Environment in California
Episode 019.  Essential Services Buildings Seismic Safety Act of 1986
Episode 018.  Bracing of Non-Structural Elements
Episode 017.  Audience Feedback & Questions
Episode 016.  American Institute of Architects Contract – B201 Part III
Episode 015.  American Institute of Architects Contract – B201 Part II
Episode 014.  American Institute of Architects Contract – B201 Part I
Episode 013.  American Institute of Architects Contract – B102
Episode 012.  Americans with Disabilities Act
Episode 011.  California Building Standards Code
Episode 010.  Approval from Regulatory Agencies
Episode 009.  Health Issues Related to Buildings
Episode 008.  Procedures for Implementing Changes During Construction
Episode 007.  Conflict Resolution and My Personal Arbitration Story
Episode 006.  Design Professionals & Mechanics’ Lien
Episode 005.  CAB Update plus Knowledge of Project Performance Objectives
Episode 004.  Sunset & Sunrise plus California Environmental Quality Act
Episode 003.  Mindset for the Final Oral Exam
Episode 002.  Final Tips for the November Exam
Episode 001.  2 VERY Important Tips for Those Candidates Taking the Exam in November