Amazing Resource to Help You in Studying the Building Code

Let’s face it. Reading through the California Building Code is dry and boring. I am going to share with you an amazing resource that will help turn boredom into pure joy!

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Video Tip 023.

chingFrancis Ching’s Building Codes Illustrated  is my favorite resource to help you in better understanding the California Building Code, which is based on the International Building Code. Check out the video to find out why I’m so excited about this amazing resource.

If you decide to purchase the book, I’ve provided my amazon affiliate link which allows me to earn a small commission if you decide to purchase it, Building Codes Illustrated. It’s one of the best resources for preparing for the California Supplemental Exam.

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Did you enjoy this video? Let me know your thoughts below.

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  • Randy Y

    Great tip David on on useful resource. And thanks again for all your lectures, study guides and mock exams for the CSE; your course was well worth the investment. Good luck in all you do!

    • David

      Thanks Randy for stopping in! I’m going to start using linked in more so hopefully I’ll see more of you 😉

      Thanks for the kind words and you are most welcome my friend.

  • Jim Connerley

    All of Frank Ching’s books are wonderful. They are great stand-by references, and the freehand illustrations are a joy to look at. In particular, his Building Construction Illustrated helped me out early in my career. An earlier edition of Building Codes Illustrated served me as a refresher to pass the ARE. So to any and all CSE candidates I definitely concur with David on his recommendation.

    • David

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your comment. Yup, I remember that book well during my school years. in fact I just turned around and it is on my bookshelf. He definitely has a talent for breaking it down and communicating the information in an easy and accessible way.

      Thanks, David

  • A Pathak

    I already have the Building Codes Illustrated 2009, do you think it’s worth purchasing the 2012. I’ve done some research to pinpoint the changes but…I supposed you never know.
    What do you suggest?

    • David

      Hi A,

      No I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t think the Exam really gets too detailed about differences in code changes. I think your 2009 should suffice.

      Good Luck!


  • Carrie Boyd

    David, does your study guide cover the updated 2013 CBSC? How familiar do we need to be with the updated 2013 format?

    • David

      Hi Carrie, the 2015 update has just been released.

      Thanks, david

  • George H

    I had the pleasure of taking Francis’ classes at the University of WA as well as having him sit in on charrettes. He has a gift for illustrating the core of an idea. Apparently he says his biggest fail was selling his architectural font to Adobe! Even great people have their own failures and are willing to admit them. Glad to see he has another great contribution to the profession.

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