Where Do You Go For “Me” Time?

Everyone wants our time. Our work, our family, our kids. And the more we give, the more they want. It’s time to save some time for “Me.”


Video Tip 021.

Learning to take time out for ourselves is often easily overlooked these days, especially with so many things seeking attention for our time. From work and family to the internet and cellphones, there isn’t enough time in the day. And THEN, you add preparing for the California Supplemental Exam on top of that, and it’s easy to become stressed, lose focus, and simply continue on the hamster wheel of life. 

But if you schedule some time for yourself, some “Me time”, it will allow you to regroup, refocus, and recharge your batteries. It will help you better deal with being pulled in all directions and also help you more effectively manage your time, a critical skill to develop when preparing for the CSE.

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Do your have a special place for “Me” time? Are you going to be finding a special place for “Me” time? Let me know your thoughts below.

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  • J. Bruins

    So true. Finding a way to decompress from the pressure of life is the key. I have not yet mastered this….

    I don’t think the where is important… it is being at peace and free from distractions.

    I find that when I walk the dog in the evening seems to be a great time.

    • David

      Good point about the where not being important. The fact of having something, even as simple as walking the dog in the evening, is great. I also think being self aware goes a long way as well. It’s always a constant struggle. Some months are better than others. Consistency is a good thing too, and that is something I struggle with.

  • Casey

    David, I have a question for you about Initial Decision Maker. I know that this isn’t the proper place, but I couldn’t find a place in your website that had a general forum.

    Here is my question: The Initial Decision Maker would make the initial decision if a conflict arises between the Owner and the General Contractor, but what if a conflict arises between the Architect and the General Contractor (for example)? Maybe the conflict is about the intent of the contruction documents. Does the Architect still act as the Initial Decision Maker, or would it need to go to Mediation? Can you please weigh in on this?

    • David

      Hi Casey,

      The Architect and General Contractor do not have a contract with each other. The contracts would be 1. Contract between Owner and Architect and 2. Contract between Owner and Contractor. If there is a conflict between the Construction Documents, the Architect would clarify. Hope that helps,

      Thanks, David

  • Alan Horwitz

    doing something athletic generally works best for me. first preference is road biking, the longer the distance, the better. second choice is swimming laps, the longer the distance the better. third choice is running. long distance is harder with running because it just takes (me) so long, but running for at least an hour generally works.

    • David

      Hi Alan,

      Yeah, I agree, athletic works for me too. I’m trying to get up the motivation to train again for the LA marathon in march. I love my long training runs on sundays and I miss them. Just me running for 3-3.5 hours along the beach, not on the sand of course;)

      Thanks, David

  • Marc White

    Yo David…it’s your old climbing partner from out at Big Rock back in the day, so good to see you man and your looking great! You are so right about the Me Time, nice video and cool rack of gear. I got out to J Tree with a friend and had a blast, flashed a few routes including Toe Jam 5.7 Trad in the Hidden Valley at the Camp ground, there is a video of a guy doing it on you tube that’s really good and Head Stone was a blast as well. Also got to The Hand in Pinnacles which was a mind blower. Really impressed with everything you have been doing and congrats on the family, my son is on a full Rugby scholarship at a great university over in Tokyo. I am learning to sail and taking lessons, going to Colgate Off Shore Sailing School soon to take more and buying a Yacht, I want to eventually sail it through the Panama Canal and to Japan to see my boy. Keep up the good work and God Speed…fair winds always, belay off…Marc 🙂

    • David

      wow, blast from the past! glad to hear things are well marc!

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