Anger or Acceptance?

The events of the last 48 hours has been frustrating, discouraging, and down right maddening for anyone getting ready to take the California Supplemental Exam.


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The news that many candidates with scheduled exams over the next two months had their dates abruptly cancelled, has angered and frustrated many affected candidates. And rightly so, I might add. It’s not fair and to put it plainly, it sucks!

In this video I share my thoughts and also the two choices that you can make in terms of continuing to be angry or accepting the situation and moving forward. 

I also discuss that anyone with an existing account for OMCES (Online Multiple Choice Exam Simulator), will be granted a FRESH and NEW 30 Day Access when you are ready to get back on the horse again. Simply send an email to when you are ready for access to begin. It is the least I can do to help those of you affected by this unfortunate situation.

If you enjoyed this, I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a comment below. 

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Are you still angry or have you accepted the situation and are now planning accordingly? Let me know your thoughts below.

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  • Laura

    Hi David!
    Thanks for your understanding of the situation….It sucks! but I’m over it now….the question is how can I plan ahead…they can change the rules at ANY time….? Anyway, I have already re-schedule for the end of July…It is very generous of you to offer access to OMCES again…I’ll let you know when the time comes…THANK YOU!

    • David

      Hi Laura,
      You are most welcome! Best thing to do is get over it. I agree about planning ahead, but life is kind of like that. Just when we have a plan down, life throws us a curveball. Best thing we can do is roll with it. Like they say, “The only thing certain is change” 😉

      Hang in there,


  • Yin

    Hi David,
    I also really appreciate that you offer access to OMCES again! I would definitely need it in July!
    Many thanks!

    • David

      You’re most welcome Yin! Thanks for checking out the video,


  • Ryan

    Hi David;
    Great podcast!
    Although I was not one of the people who had a date scheduled only to have it taken away, (that has got to be a very tough pill to swallow), I was someone planning to take at the end of this month and was extremely frustrated when I found out last week of, apparently, a quota for seats that had been established and met. (I have found nowhere in any CAB literature of a quota having been established – I take it there must be some biannual max.?). I appreciate your offer for access to another 30 days with OMCES as I will take you up on that in mid June..
    Thank you.

    • David

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for checking it out. I don’t believe there is a quota. The issue started about a week ago and at first is was believed that it only affected those who had not yet scheduled their exam. I think it then snowballed into affecting everyone, even those that had a date set in stone. Once this passes, hopefully things will return to normal…until the next change 😉


  • Eric

    Thanks for you updates. For the last 4 weeks I tried to schedule an exam date for June 8th through the internet and calling PSI. PSI had no idea why I couldn’t schedule an exam. I didn’t know what was going on until your updates. I am pissed but not as much as the last time they canceled the exams. Last time they canceled my exam the day before. Actually it was 14 hours before! At least this time I just started my studying. I find this ridiculous and embarrassing on CAB’s behalf. They have to get their act together. If the exam is not ready then cancel it for the foreseeable future until it is. There must be a better way. In addition the PSI site are ugly. I can’t believe I’m going say this but the ARE had a smoother process and better test sites.
    Keep up the good work.

    • David

      Hi Eric,

      Yeah you’ve been put through the ringer. I think CAB is trying to figure this out as they go. Not sure if they are getting bad advice from PSI or there is a communication breakdown between PSI and CAB. I will say one thing that CAB does better than the ARE, Instant Results. That is pretty sweet….when you can actually take the exam of course 😉

      Thanks for checking out the video!


  • Rob

    Thank you very much for your timely and sincere response to the situation. Yes – you are right – we have two choices (maybe three – be pissed AND move I have already rescheduled my test (July 2nd), and I’ve finished up a letter I will send to CAB that expresses my anger, and to point out their complete lack of professionalism.

    Writing the letter in itself was cathartic. I suggest others do the same, regardless if you send it to CAB or not. I even read it out loud to my partner – it was also a way to release my anger. None of us should deny the anger or not express it – punch a pillow, go on a run or a long hike. I have learned bottling it up is not good.

    But – as you and the Dali say – “I get over it.” I know the only way I can get over things like this is to constructively release it. Oh, and I’ve not stopped studying, either (oh yeah…. except on the evening the day I found out – I vegged in front of the TV and drank 3 glasses of wine).

    David, thank you again for your OMCES extension and timely and considerate response to this situation.

    • David

      Hi Rob,

      Great idea on writing a letter, and as you said, even if it never gets sent. Although I think sending CAB a constructively written letter is a good idea. I imagine the first 24 hours were the most difficult because that’s when the wound is wide open. Sounds like you did the right thing with vegging in front of the TV and the wine 😉

      Have a great weekend Rob!

      Thanks, David

  • Jill

    Thanks David for offering to extend the OMCES! That definitely helps. I will be in touch then.
    They told me on May 8th…I was supposed to take it on May 9th!

    Thanks again.


    • David

      Hi Jill,

      I heard from one other who was scheduled for the 9th. I cannot imagine your reaction when you found out. Talk about being thrown a curve ball. The next couple of months will go by fast enough 🙂

      Have a great weekend, David

  • Matt

    Oh my, CAB is having fits and starts with this new digital exam. I am so thankful to have passed my CSE on April 6th thanks to your amazing study materials, David. For the candidates affected by these cancellations, I completely understand your frustrations; but stay the course, keep studying and you will ace whatever changes come out of this QA process. Hopefully they will be making improvements to the time allotment and allow people to have an eye break between the sections. Those were the two biggest issues I experienced with this exam.

    Thank you again, David! You really made studying for the exam doable and enjoyable.

    Best of luck to those awaiting the exam. Keep listening and keep studying. You will be able to pass in one go with the Whole Enchilada.


    • David

      Hi Matt,

      Yes it’s been a roller coaster ride for the last two years. I do like roller coasters, but this one is a bit extreme 😉

      Thanks for sticking around and lending support to other candidates, it’s much appreciated by all.

      Have a great weekend!

      Thanks, David

  • Paul

    I was chuckling to myself while watching this podcast because I could definitely relate. With only a week until my scheduled exam, I was totally floored when CAB called and cancelled my appointment, and yes, I spent the next 24 hours totally mad, and depressed. But after that, my thinking shifted toward focusing on July. The turning points were several… I was able to reschedule a test date for July 2nd; I actually got a little extra sleep since I abandoned studying for a day; and your offer, David, to extend the OMCES subscription also helped to calm the nerves, refocus the effort, and look forward to finally getting this done. The Dalai Lama is completely correct, getting mad is human nature, it is what you do after that that will shape your future.
    Thank you, David, for the podcast and for your generous offer to give those of us who were ready to take the exam a little extra time with your test material to get ready once again.

    • David

      Hi Paul,

      I think knowing you have a new date of July 2 definitely helps. It’s the not knowing sometimes that can compound things. Glad I could help soothe the wounds some with the OMCES offer. It looks like that has helped a lot of candidates feel a little better about this whole thing.

      Have a great weekend Paul!

      Thanks, David

  • Casey

    I have spent the last 4 months studying. I had requested the day off with my employer, and I had arranged a car to get there. The CAB told me recently that exams that were already scheduled should be fine, and they would notify me if anything changed. They did not notify me, I found out thru the ARE forum and called them. The worst part is that I feel like at this point I am ready to take the exam. When I get my new appointment, I will have to go back over everything I’ve studied because you can’t expect it to stay fresh in your mind for 3 more months. This is just ridiculous. CAB needs to get it together. Their problems with the exam are delaying my licensure.

    Thanks David for offering to extend the OMCES for people stuck in this situation. That will help out a lot.

    • David

      Hi Casey,

      Yeah I can relate to what you’re going through, especially when CAB confirmed that those with an already scheduled exam are all set. I don’t think you’ll forget everything when you jump back on the horse. Take a well deserved break and maybe start back in with the audio companion to keep your head in the game. I think when you decide to jump back in, you’ll remember more than you think. Plus, by the time you take the Exam, you’ll REALLY know the material, and that can only help in the long run.

      Have a great weekend Casey!

      Thanks, David

  • Danny Cerezo

    Hey guys, I have been trying to get some answers because AS FAR AS I CAN TELL MY EXAM IS STILL SCHEDULED FOR MAY 22….IN 12 DAYS!!

    I have not received anything from CAB nor from PSI to lead me to think otherwise. I just tried to call and they are not answering their phones. I am also going to email Jesse to see if he can help.

    More to follow.

    • Danny

      Well, I did follow up and yup, my exam is cancelled. I was only 12 days away! Oh well, the bright side is I have more time to study! Thanks David.

      • David

        Hi Danny,

        At least you found out now, and not the day before like some others. And as Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” says, “Always look on the bright side of life.” So I think you’re plan of more time to study is a good one 😉

        Have a great weekend Danny!

        Thanks, David

  • Christina

    I finally qualified for CSE after months of setbacks with an NCARB problem and yes I was ready to schedule, and lo and behold, no exam dates available until July 2nd, 4 days before my Baby #2’s due date. Bad timing huh? Oh well, there is nothing I can do but study and get prepared as possible.

    • David

      Hi Christina,

      Now you’re throwing a baby in the mix 😉 If there’s anything I realized with the birth of my two boys is you can’t plan anything related to when they come or how they come. They just come when they want to. My advice would be if possible, i.e. if Baby #2 allows, just take the Exam on July 2nd if you can. Don’t even worry about passing or failing, just take it for the experience. If you don’t take it on July 2nd, you probably wouldn’t be ready for another 6 months anyway. So I guess I’m suggesting, plan on taking the Exam 6 months after your Baby #2 is born, but if you can squeeze in a shot on July 2, all the better. I’ve heard of candidates passing 9 months pregnant, so it’s possible 🙂

      Good luck with the final months of Baby #2!

      Thanks, David

      • Christina

        Thanks David. I am scheduled for July 2nd and am planning on taking the exam if baby is not here yet! Thanks for your advice and all your study materials!

  • Keith

    Nothing more to say. Thank you David for the kind offer.

    • David

      You’re most welcome Keith!

      Have a great weekend 🙂

      Thanks, David

  • Mike


    Appreciate your understanding with this little ‘surprise’, and reopening the OMCES service for all of us affected.

    I happen to be in Argentina right now, so now the only thing i need to do is rearrange international plane tickets for the next 2 months so i can be in LA on July 2nd to take the test on my newly scheduled date 🙂

    • David

      Hi Mike,

      You’re most welcome. Yes sounds like an extended stay in argentina is not a bad thing 😉

      Good luck with the remainder of your studies,

      Thanks, David

  • Greg

    CAB is pretty funny with their ‘quality control assessment’, as though this exam were some sort of finely calibrated instrument. I’m thinking, come on fellas, you’re asking questions about CEQA, what do you wanna know? Ask your questions.

    Anyway, we’re all using the same study guides. So if they are designing these exams to hit an approximate pass rate, David is indirectly writing the CSE. They could have just plugged in OMCES for a few months.

    Speaking of which: Thank you, David! You’re the champ.

    • David

      Hi Greg,

      Agreed. Hard to get in the mindset of CAB. There’s also the test creation company and PSI that CAB has to deal with, so I’m sure it’s not an easy process for them. I imagine the process will get smoother over time. The multiple choice format is just over two years old and we know how two year olds can be 😉

      You’re most welcome on the OMCES!

      Thanks, David

  • keith

    Thanks David – I appreciate the update…I will go enjoy my weekend instead of studying now!

    • David

      You’re most welcome Keith! A little R&R never hurt anyone, right 😉

      Thanks, David

  • Sean Connolly

    David, thanks. I’ve been meaning to write you about the Omces. Thank you for letting us pick it back up again when we’re ready. I started using it as my exam was supposed to be on the 23rd and I think it’s my favorite study material. It’s really helped me understand and remember the material. That and the audio study material is fantastic. Thanks for all of your help and support!

    • David

      Hi Sean,

      Glad you’re finding OMCES useful as well as the audio companion. Understanding the material, not just memorizing it, is important for this exam and it sounds like you’re on the right path. Keep up the great work!

      Thanks, David

  • Gary McDaniel

    My appointment was set for next week, the 19th of May. I really feel bad for some, they may need their Lc. for their lively hood. It does not affect me as much, I can wait and not be to affected. I have reset my date for July 8th. I really appreciate your understanding and your professionalism in not taking advantage of all of us who need your online testing again. Greed is rampant in our business world today, however your compassion is evident in your great character. I applaud you.

    • David

      Hi Gary,

      Yeah, it’s a tough spot for a lot of candidates. I felt the OMCES restart was the least I could do to ease some of the pain and frustration. Thank you SO much for the kinds words, it means a lot.

      Good Luck!

      Thanks, David

  • Mark


    Thanks for the updates! This has been an “amazing” process 🙂 However it is better to go with the punches and move on, being angry does not help the situation. Keep up the good work.


    • David

      Hi Mark,

      Spoken like a true champion! I look forward to receiving your email about passing the Exam soon 🙂

      Good Luck!

      Thanks, David

  • Andrea


    Thanks for being there for all of us prepping for the CSE. I agree, it’s best to just move forward and focus our positive energy on getting ready to take the exam in July (or thereafter). Once again, you have been most generous in your support. I can’t thank you enough for offering the extension for Omces. For me, it has been the best part of studying.

    Much appreciation,

    • David

      Hi Andrea,

      You are most welcome and it’s my pleasure. I think OMCES can really help pull everything together and I’m so glad you’re getting the benefit from it. Make sure to be scoring in the 98-99% consistently before taking the actual Exam, when you start back up again of course, no need to worry about it now 😉

      Thanks, David

  • Mr. B.


    Just felt like a kick in the teeth… This has been so frustrating… but it is two more months to study… took a few days off, now to get back on it. I appreciate the offer of additional OMCES time, that is a real blessing… I plan to resume OMCES about June 10.

    For those who are angry, I ask only one question. What good does it do? CAB is an organization, and can’t by definition empathize with your pain. (Yes individual staff members can… but they still have to abide by the policy handed down from the top.) So the only choice I see is to roll with the punches and reschedule. The anger you feel will eat you up inside and make you miserable to be around. So LET IT GO and enjoy your loved ones for a couple of months.

    J. B.

    P.S. To anyone at CAB who may read this, it would be nice to see some sort of notice on the CAB website.

    • David

      Hi J.B.,

      Great advice and I agree, roll with the punches. Just like life in many respects. And of course, enjoy your loved ones, can never go wrong with that 😉

      I just checked CAB’s website and no announcement about the Exam not being available until July 2. Sounds like they’re trying to handle by phone calls and word of mouth.

      Thanks, David

  • Mr. B.

    BTW, it is better to laugh at life than cry over it….

  • maggie

    I agree! cab was wichiwachi. nuts

  • maggie

    im getting good at this! but so r the feds!!! LOL

  • Michael

    Hi David,
    Took my CSE yesterday and fail by 3 points. It was disappointing but I have accepted the fact and move on. The only section that fall below the passing rate (by a lot) was Category IIA which I will be studying hard in my next exam in December. Could you offer some tips? Your material and advise for III and V are very helpful which I received above 75% score!! one thing I did not do is to participate in OMCES. I want to get on that next time. How can I participate it?

    • David

      Hi Michael, So sorry for the late reply. I just found this comment. Yes OMCES will help a bunch. Keep practicing it until you’re consistently getting 98-99% on the practice exams. Remember it’s all about repetition.

      Good Luck!


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