Change Order Form, AIA Document G701

“The only constant is change.” This quote is a variation of Greek Philosopher Heraclitus’ “Nothing endures but change.”


Video Tip 016.

If you’ve spent anytime working on a construction site or having your hand in the contract administration process, you know this statement is 100% true. Maybe even 1000% true. But who’s counting? 

It’s important that we are familiar with the proper way changes are handled during construction and the documents to be used. This is especially important for purposes related to the Exam because the way we do things in the real world, may or may not be per the AIA documents and since this is an AIA documents based exam, we need to be familiar with a variety of AIA docs.

In this video tip, I discuss the appropriate use of a change order and walk you through AIA Document G701, Change Order Form.

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8 comments… add one
  • Joel Smith

    Great video tip, I always learn subjects better when I have visual cues to remember. And the “cost” and “time” images will stick with me and help me recall the contract number, 701. I had most of that info in my head but was trying to gain a way to memorize the contract number, just in case. Now I have it, thanks!


    • David

      Hi Joel,

      Thanks for checking it out! yeah, I think visuals always help. I’ve heard many times from candidates who remembered visuals from video tips or my seminar while they were taking the exam. I don’t believe you’ll need to know the contract numbers per se, but it does help keep things organized in your mind if you have them.

      good luck on taking the exam soon!


  • Erica Deitchman

    Good simplification of the Change Order Form. Couldn’t the change order also mean a deduction in cost or time (I know, wishful thinking, but still….)? On the form above it looks like it calls out (increased) or (added) for the cost and time. Or are those options you can select as is there is a place to have (decreased) or (deducted)?

    • David

      Hi erica,

      Yes, absolutely it can be used for a decrease as well. ANY change in cost or time (up or down) will trigger a change order. It does have the spot for increased, but if you’re using the written form, you can just cross it out and write decrease above it (in the rare chance that there actually is a decrease).

      BTW, congrats on your pass!

      thanks, david

  • Robert Trimble

    Good visual, good impression.

    • David

      thanks for the comment Robert and for checking it out! hope the studying is going well!


  • steven gottesman

    good reminder that TIME is a change in addition to cost

    • David

      Hi Steve, Yeah, I think we often forget about TIME, I know I have in the past when dealing with these things. Glad you could get into the site now, thanks for the comment 😉

      Thanks, David

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