Episode 65: Design Professionals Lien Law, Do We Still Need To Know It? [Podcast]

On July 1, 2012, the Design Professionals Lien Law was repealed in California, leaving many of us to wonder if it just disappeared altogether.


Podcast Episode 065.

The AIA California Council published a great article titled “Design Professional Liens: Gone But Not Forgotten” and described how the law was repealed, but for the most part, was folded into mechanics lien law.

So the question is, do we still need to know it?

The Design Professionals Lien Law is still on CAB’s List of Reference Materials. I share my thoughts on the subject in this episode.

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  • Casey

    OK so I wasn’t able to listen to the podcast or watch it on Youtube, that is most likely due to being blocked on my work computer. However I do want to put my 2 cents in on the topic of the Design Professionals Lien Laws.

    I am going to be sure to fully understand the law as it was before July of 2012, and also understand how it has changed and folded into the Mechanics Lien. Hopefully if CAB asks questions about it, they will indicate somehow which configuration they are asking about. I am hoping that they are on-top-of-it enough to know that there is confusion about the new vs. the old and update their questions accordingly.

    • David

      Hi casey,

      it doesn’t sound like CAB has caught up to it being folded into the mechanics lien, i.e. it doesn’t exist anymore, but some parts were added to the mechanics lien. as long as Design Professionals Lien appears on CABs reference list of materials, it’s a safe bet that we should know about it before it went away last july.

      thanks for commenting!


  • wes

    hi david,

    as a follow up to this topic, i checked the latest CAB’s list of references and i noticed the design professional lien is not listed any more. On the other hand, knowledge statement 18 in the test plan still lists design professional lien. If a question came up and “design professional lien” were presented as an option and was chosen, do you think it would be marked as incorrect since the function is now folded into the mechanics lien law?

    thanks for your time!

    • David

      Hi Wes,

      I’m hearing that you should still be familiar with the design professionals lien. it has been in california for a year and a half but in terms of the exam, you should still be familiar with it, even though it is no longer on the reference list of materials.

      Thanks, David

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