Episode 64: What’s Really the Big Deal About Substantial Completion Anyway? [Podcast]

Issuing the Certificate of Substantial Completion is an important milestone in the contract administration process. It’s important to know the significance.


Podcast Episode 064.

I discuss the importance of Substantial Completion and take a look at the A201 General Conditions, Article 9.8 and how it impacts on certain milestones. This is an important concept for preparing for the California Supplemental Exam as well as our education in becoming a responsible and competent architect. 

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Enforcement Actions

I discuss an enforcement action brought against an individual described in CAB’s Fall Newsletter for an alleged violation of Business and Professions Code section 5536.22(a) (Written Contract) by failing to execute a written contract prior to beginning work. 

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  • Nick

    The AIA provides an A201 document comparative and commentary for free on their website. (Which I found via google search).


    Sure it’s in comparison to the superseded document, but isn’t it essentially the whole thing?
    Is this sufficient for study purposes? No doubt later, if entering into a contract it would be prudent to purchase.
    What do you think?

    Nick Morrow

    • David

      Hi nick,

      yup, that would suffice and i include a link to that in my study guide that is part of the Ultimate Whole Enchilada as well as the sample contracts AIA B102, B201, and A201 which are also now included as part of the Ultimate Whole Enchilada.

      good luck with your studies nick!


  • Rudy

    This was a really helpful podcast, thanks for clarifying!

    • David

      You’re most welcome Rudy! Thanks for checking it out.


  • Sb

    If the owner chooses not to have the architect involved in the construction administration phase is a certificate of substantial completion issued and if so by whom?

    • David

      Hi Sb,

      It’s really going to come down to the contract being used. If the architect is not hired for construction administration and there is no other provision for certificate of substantial completion in the contract, then one may not be issued. It wouldn’t be prudent on the owner’s part unless maybe they had a construction manager on board but even then an architect should still be on board as well. There is no law that states a certificate of substantial completion, but it is certainly an industry standard and good practice. Great question.

      Thanks, David

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