Episode 63: Give Yourself a Raise to 73? Here’s What the Owner Pays For [Podcast]

There is talk about a new cut score of 73 but it is only a rumor, and we know what rumors can lead to, don’t we?


Podcast Episode 063.

I released CSE Video Tip #9 and in it, i discussed this rumored 73 cut score. A representative from CAB contacted me with a concern about misleading candidates and wanted to make it clear that the historical pass rate of the Exam in no way factors in to how the Exam is administered by CAB. I amended my video at the request of CAB. 

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Here’s What the Owner Pays For

This is a topic that is a continual source of confusion for candidates. I exam the A201 General Conditions and review the specific articles that help clarify what the Owner pays for. I take a look at Articles 2.2 Information and Services Required of the Owner (2.2.2), 3.7 Permits, Fees, Notices, and Compliance with Laws (3.7.1 ), 10.3 Hazardous Materials (10.3.2), 12.1 Uncovering of Work ((12.1.2), and 13.5 Tests and Inspections (13.5.1) as well as the California Building Code Section 1704.1

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  • David Wang


    In B-201, article 4.4, it says “the Owner shall furnish tests, inspections and reports required by law or the Contract Documents, such as structural, mechanical, and chemical tests, test for air and water pollution, and tests for hazardous materials.” Is this the same as A-201, article 13.5.1?

    Thank you

    • David

      hi david,

      they are basically saying similar things. keep in mind though the B201 is the agreement between Architect and Owner and the language in there lets the Architect know the Owner’s responsibilities when paying for things because those inspections may come up during the design or construction document process prior to construction even beginning. Also, the Architect can use that information when putting together the Contract Documents so the Contractors are bidding correctly. the A201 is the General Conditions which lay out the responsibilities of the Owner, General Contractor, and Architect during construction. Neither addresses special inspections specifically which the Owner pays for per the Building Code 1704.1.

      hope that helps!


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