Episode 55: Terri Is 5500 and You Will Be Soon Too! [Podcast]

Becoming 5500 is something we are all striving for in the process. If you’re getting ready to take the Exam, you are one step closer to reaching 5500.


Podcast Episode 055.

  • The CSEprep Forum is launched! This fantastic resource has grown out of CSE Mastermind and is available as a FREE BONUS to candidates who have purchased the Ultimate Whole Enchilada or attended a LIVE! Seminar. I also discuss the benefits associated with interacting with your peers during this process.
  • Caroline was one of my CSE Mastermind students and she sends in her success story and also gives some VERY helpful logistical tips.
  • Terri is 5500! and I explain what 5500 means. Terri is the first person I’ve heard of refer to herself as 5500.
  • Suzanne sends in a question about the location of a trash dumpster and the agencies that may be involved in the review process.

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  • Heather

    Great little tips from Caroline! I had no idea about the photo when I took my test, and I stared at a dreary 8am picture of me for several hours on my screen! Also, to add to that, it is ALSO the picture that goes on the official pass letter that you get at the end. So now, that photo has been immortalized forever for me. I hope it doesn’t appear anywhere else!! In addition, I also realized that I could use the tutorial time to review the project scenario documents. I felt a little nervous like I wasn’t supposed to be doing that, but they give you at least 10 minutes to go through the tutorial, so I used that time to decompress, review the project scenario, and gather my thoughts before I pressed begin.

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