Episode 46: Success Story: I passed the CSE On My 2nd Try! [Podcast]

Listening to success stories of others is both inspiring and motivational. I plan on brining more success story interviews to the California Supplemental Exam Podcast in the future.


Podcast Episode 046.

  • In this very special episode, I interview Aubrey who recently passed the Exam on her second try. She has a great story and we discuss the mindset necessary for Exam day. We also discuss where she felt she missed the mark and what she did better the second time around to help her prepare.

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  • Ioeming

    Great interview! It’s interesting to know someone really felt over-confidant at the first trial. Her story motivates me: “Don’t just rush it through, get the good grip of the knowledge till it sink in. We need to have wisdom to use the knowledge after all!
    Thanks, David!

    • David

      Hi Ioeming, I’m glad you found it useful. I think it is helpful for each of us to realize that we are all going through this together and sharing our experiences is an awesome thing.

      Good Luck!


  • boris

    Thank you David for the Podcast on Aubrey’s success story.
    It is reassuring to know that you have covered all aspects of the CSE from your resources to Podcasts such as the above story. I know Aubrey passed her CSE three years ago, but I want to congratulate to this young professional, well done!

    • David

      Hi Boris,

      You are most welcome! Thanks for the comment. She has a great success story and I’m glad she was willing to share it with us.

      Thanks, David

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