Episode 44: Is NOT Passing the CSE Really Failure? [Podcast]

Failure is often a misunderstood term. The definition of failure really comes down to your own interpretation of term. I see failure, not as an end, but simply a hiccup on the road to success. For me, failure is not an option.


Podcast Episode 044.

  • In this episode, I discuss the topic of failure and whether NOT passing the CSE is really failure. I share my own experience of running the LA Marathon a couple of weeks ago and how that event and prior training directly relates to preparing for the California Supplemental Exam.
  • CIDP is now officially dead.

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  • Heather

    I think it’s great when you do episodes like this! I can totally relate to the feelings of fear of failure…I am of the inclination to not tell people about achievements in life I am striving for because I don’t want to have to deal with telling people about it later if I fail.
    The first Ironman I did I didn’t tell anyone except my boyfriend that I was doing this race until it was discovered a few days before. I was so afraid that it wouldn’t go well and I would waste people’s time cheering for me. Ironically as well, my second and third Ironman times have been slower than my first (grrr.) and I feel as though people are judging me about that, when of course, I’m sure they’re not. Going for #4 next year, I just have to figure out how to get faster…maybe work less (and all those marathon tips you just threw out there in the episode)! 😉
    As far as the exam goes though I didn’t tell anyone when I was studying for my AREs because I had this fear of failure – somehow though I found that eventually I passed them all and noone knew! I had to actually announce it to my studio at work one day so that I got some recognition, and that felt good. Therefore, everyone knew I was taking the CSE. There was great support, and I know that had I failed noone would have faulted me and there would have been the same support the second time around. There was no need to do it all in a bubble. Good luck everyone!

  • David

    Hi heather!

    Wow, an ironman and 3 at that. I guess that would make you an iron woman 😉 I think you bring up a good point about not telling people or goals for fear of failing to achieve those goals, then we look like a failure to those we told. BUT in my experience, sharing my goals with others has helped motivate me more and help make them more of a reality. When we start telling others our goals, we start to believe them too!

    thanks, david

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