Episode 41: Knowledge of Bidding & Negotiation [Podcast]

Bidding & Negotiation is a necessary skill for any business owner and those in management positions at corporations and firms. Setting expectations is crucial to ensuring a smooth process and making sure there’s a happy client at the project completion.


Podcast Episode 041.

  • I discuss Knowledge Statement # 46 – Knowledge of Bidding and Negotiation Services
  • Change to the Show Format…..Again
  • MAJOR update to the Study Materials is underway. Check out the Products Page for more info
  • The CSE Podcast will be on hiatus in December
  • What’s happening with the CSE Podcast in the New Year? 

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3 comments… add one
  • Maria Ruiz-Ostmeyer

    Hi David: no more podcasts until January? I would like to buy the OMCES asap

    • David

      Hi maria,

      i’m hoping to get one more in for the new year. i’ve been working feverishly on the new update of the materials.

      thanks for tuning in!


  • Heather

    Going back to your old format is great! The past few episodes were just sounding just like the audio guide, which I would probably much less likely to listen to…especially after the exam is over. I did find I was sort of zoning out a bit on them. Not digging the video that much, but it’s great that you’re hopefully able to capture a wider audience through You Tube. Now I understand why you told me to start with the current episode and work forward….oh well!


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