023. CSE podcast – Knowledge of the Relationships between Architect, Owner, and Contractor


About this Episode:

  • Knowledge Statement #47: Knowledge of interrelationships among Owner, Architect, and Contractor
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  • Tim sends in a question about architects’ responsibilities and finding out which agencies are involved in a project
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  • Nick

    I am preparing for the CSE and first off thank you so much for the amount of efforts you have put into this study material. Its very easy to understand and makes our life so much easier..in a way. We still have to study but looking at the efforts you have put into this, gives me so much motivation to study.
    My question was regarding the Knowledge Statement 47, Responsibilities of the Architect. I understand the concept of issuing CCD and that the Architect issues CCD with Owner’s approval for any changes where there is a disagreement on cost between the Owner and Contractor. However, if this issue is pushed back to be resolved later to avoid delay in project schedule, how does it get resolved eventually and what happens if at the end the Owner and Contractor are still in disagreement. I know I might be diving into a little bit of details here but was wondering what happens.
    Let me know your thoughts if you have time.
    Thanks again for this wonderful treasure.

    • David

      HI nick!

      thanks for the awesome feedback. the way it would normally get resolved is the architect, contractor, and owner sitting down to try and agree on a cost. if the owner and contractor can’t agree, then the architect would step in as the initial decision maker without showing partiality to either party. if the parties still can’t agree, then the next step would be mediation between the owner and contractor. if that didn’t work, then arbitration would be the next step and the arbitrator would issue the final decision. i’d say most times it gets worked before going to mediation.

      that is the danger of just moving forward without knowing costs. i don’t like that strategy, but it does exist for those kinds of situations.

      thanks, david

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