018. CSE podcast – Bracing of Non-Structural Elements


About this Episode:

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  • Knowledge Statement #13: Bracing of Non-Structural Elements
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  • Terri

    How is the information presented in this podcast which you are discussing KS#13 different than KS #41? I find the redundancy a little confusing in the study guide. Can you provide any clarity?

    • David

      hi terry, i agree with you it is confusing and i don’t have an answer for you. as far as i can tell, i think those two knowledge statements are asking about the same material/concepts. i’m not sure why CAB hasn’t addressed it or clarified it. i’ve posed this to several people at seminars and in emails, and i haven’t found anyone who can explain the difference. i wish i had a better answer for you. maybe someone from CAB could shed light.

      keep up the good work!

      thanks, david

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