007. the CSE podcast – Conflict Resolution and My Personal Arbitration Story


About this Episode:

  • The studio has moved!
  • Takeshi sent in a question about LLCs and S-Corp
  • Upcoming January Seminar discount extended
  • NoCal Seminar happening in February
  • Knowledge Statement #49: Conflict Resolution
  • My Personal Arbitration Story

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  • Rizel

    What a great story and experience about arbitration …I know how it feels because last year even with an attorney I wasn’t able to save my house from foreclosure. My lender just wasn’t want to cooperate for loan modification. It’s whole year of emotional roller coaster for me and my family.

    But anyway it’s all done and I’m moving on. My experience made more stronger and wiser.

    Thanks David….more power to you….

    • David

      Hi rizel,

      thanks so much for the feedback, and yes an emotional rollercoaster ride for sure. I’m very sorry to hear about your experience and the unwillingness for lenders to work with homeowners is part of the mess that the housing market is in right now. the most important thing is to learn from it and continue to move forward. i’ll also share some more personal experiences when the time is right. and more power to you as well 😉

      thanks, david

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