003. the CSE podcast – Mindset for the Final Oral Exam


About this Episode:

In this episode, I discuss some fantastic feedback I have received from candidates who have purchased my new study materials (and one not so fantastic comment). I also conduct a 2 question consultation with John, whom I never met before or spoke with before the podcast. I also discuss my thoughts on “dress code” for the day and most importantly, MINDSET.

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  • Soojin Hur

    Thank you for such an awesome series of podcasts. What you said about the mindset really helped calm down my nerves.
    I also have the whole Enchilada; study guide, 200 Q&A, and the audio companion. And you made the information very clear and straight forward in my mind. I listened to the audio companion during my 40-min commute daily. And it make so much difference compared to studying things from the written materials only.
    I very much appreciate what you’ve done!!

    • David

      Hi Soojin, thank you so much for the kind words. I wanted to present the information in a clear and easy to digest format so thank you for recognizing that. I also think the audio companion is an awesome product and thought how great it would be for commuters when i was recording it. Good luck in your studies!


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