Smile, You’re On Candid Camera

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." - William Shakespeare.   I discuss the importance of smiling for the camera when you arrive at the test center to take your Exam because you will be staring at YOU for the entire Exam! I've created 2 Mobile Apps to help

Importance of Writing IT Down

As we come to the beginning of a new year, I take a moment to share why it's a good time to plan ahead for the coming year and encourage you to write your goals down in order to help ensure you pass the CSE in 2013. I have set the goal of delivering content

Success Story, Balance is So Important

Balance is essential to maintaining our sanity. It's also an essential ingredient when preparing to take the California Supplemental Exam. I share feedback from Ian who passed the Exam last week including his advice about maintaining balance in his own life as he progressed through his studying. I'm also happy to report the California Supplemental

Episode 64: What’s Really the Big Deal About Substantial Completion Anyway? [Podcast]

Issuing the Certificate of Substantial Completion is an important milestone in the contract administration process. It's important to know the significance.   I discuss the importance of Substantial Completion and take a look at the A201 General Conditions, Article 9.8 and how it impacts on certain milestones. This is an important concept for preparing for

CAB has Suspended the Exam Until Around December 11th

Suspended!" are the words coming from the California Architects Board (CAB).   VERY important news coming out of CAB as they have suspended the administration of the Exam until around December 11th, citing "quality assurance." I've created 2 Mobile Apps to help you succeed. Check out the Ultimate Flash! App to practice 500 flashcards on

73 May Be The New Cut Score

A candidate posted last week on website that she did not pass the Exam and received a score if 71 and she needed 73.   The cut score has been 70 for about a year so this was brand new news to me. I posted on the ARE forum and Coach responded that CAB

Episode 61: Why 70% is Good Enough [Podcast]

It appears 70% is the minimum score required to pass the California Supplemental Exam.  It's important to realize sometimes, good enough is...well, good enough. I discuss the 70% minimum score required to pass the California Supplemental Exam. Although, you will need to satisfy minimums in each of the five Categories, the minimum overall score is 70%. You

Exam Security, Who’s Really Paying Attention Anyway?

Exam security is a serious topic and it's important to have an understanding in order to stay in the good graces of the California Architects Board.   I released CSE podcast Episode #58 the other day about Exam Security, but I am presenting the abridged version here as today's Video Tip because it is such an important

Instant Results…Not So Fast!

"This topic may surprise you (the same way it surprised me when I found out about it) as "Immediate Results" are not guaranteed. This assumption is based upon a recent email I received from a candidate who recently took the Exam and did not receive his results immediately. I've created 2 Mobile Apps to help

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