Know Your Numbers

Albert Eisnstein was a mathematical genius. He loved working with numbers, formulas, and solving complex problems. We don't need to be Einstein to pass the California Supplemental Exam, but understanding the numbers that we will see on Exam day will increase our chances of having a positive experience.   I discuss the importance of knowing

What is the difference between the B102 & B201?

Understanding a contract is essential for any business transaction. Knowing what you and the other party are agreeing to perform is paramount prior to beginning any business relationship. Knowledge of the AIA documents is essential for preparing for the California Supplemental Exam. I discuss the difference between the B102 and the B201, two of the

The Specifications Overrule the Drawings….or Do They?

The contractor calls you about a high end residential project and says "the drawings are calling for wood base but the specs are calling for a 4" vinyl base. Since the specs overrule the drawings, should I install the vinyl base?" What do you tell him? I discuss whether the Specifications overrule the Drawings is

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