Success Story, Balance is So Important

Balance is essential to maintaining our sanity. It’s also an essential ingredient when preparing to take the California Supplemental Exam.


Video Tip 011.

I share feedback from Ian who passed the Exam last week including his advice about maintaining balance in his own life as he progressed through his studying.

I’m also happy to report the California Supplemental Exam is being administered once again! Beginning last week on December 11th, CAB began administering the Exam again and the success stories are pouring into to

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  • Brad MacArthur

    I agree that balance is very important when studying for any exam. I started taking the 7 ARE exams in February of 2011 and finished in November 2012. I purchased the Whole Enchilada in January 2013 and started to study in February 2013. For me I cannot concentrate and study for long periods of time, so I break up my study routine an hour before work, on my lunch break and up to an hour after work, on a good day. On the weekends I will study Saturday, and Sunday is my day. Some weekends I do not study at all and I just need to get out. I enjoy getting out to the mountains hiking, backpacking, camping, 4×4 off-roading, snowboarding etc. I usually hike every Sunday and then back to the grind work + study Monday thru Friday. If I did not do the things I enjoy while having to prepare for these exams for the past three years I would probably lose my mind. I am really looking forward to being done very soon and back to a somewhat normal routine. My CSE exam is not schedule because I finished IDP in March 2013, and have been bugging the California Architects Board to get me my authorization to test, I usually call them twice a week since they move at a snail’s pace. I have a scheduled date in my mind of early June (but I am hoping for before Memorial Day weekend), so as soon as I can sign up for the exam I will sit for it. I’m already feeling very confident and I know I can pass this exam. The Whole Enchilada is a great study material package, but you have to put in the time.

    • David

      Hi Brad,

      Awesome comment and great advice! Yes, I think the CSE preparation should be a priority, but not the only priority. We need to continue to feed our soul, mind, and family with various other means during this process.

      Good luck with getting your authorization to test, I’ve heard CAB is taking about 4 weeks to process so hopefully you’ll get it soon.

      Keep hiking and feeding the soul!

      thanks, david

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