Episode 47: Another Statistical Analysis Is Being Performed [Podcast]

There appears to be evidence of another statistical analysis taking place for the California Supplemental Exam.


A candidate found information from the December CAB meeting minutes and sent it to me so I’ve posted it here. (Shout out to Craig for finding the info!)

It explains that there are three tests, Form A, Form B, and Form C and they implemented Form C recently which is the reason for the current statistical analysis.

It also appears, according to the minutes, that CAB is aiming to begin releasing results immediately after the Exam has been taken beginning June 1, 2012.

However, here is the problem. CAB needs candidates to take the Exam over the next month or so to have enough exams taken to perform the analysis (this was a problem in the past with the first statistical analysis). BUT with a June 1 date looming with the possibility of IMMEDIATE test results, I would imagine most candidates will wait until June to take the Exam.

If CAB sees a  decline of tests being taken soon, that could potentially delay the results of the analysis, which could in turn delay the June 1 goal of immediate results. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

What affect will this have on your own Exam? Will you reschedule and wait until June? Feel free to post your comments below.

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  • Ted Moore

    I took my exam on March 29, 2012. As of April 26, 2012 no results yet. I’m hoping this won’t delay it for a long period of time!

    • David

      Hi ted,

      do you still have your letter from when you checked out of the Exam. that would indicate the number of days you’d be waiting. i know now they are stating 60 days, and wondering if yours said that as well.

      thanks, david

  • RW

    I had my exam scheduled for this Monday the 30th of April, but I just moved it to June 4th – had I taken it on Monday the 30th, I wouldn’t get my results till end of June. Moving it gives me the possibility of having results instantly, three weeks before I would have if I had left my schedule as is. If they hadn’t added the 60 day wait period (and left it 30) I would have taken it on the 30th of April. While rescheduling, I did think about CAB’s ‘quota’ to get enough candidates to ‘audit,’ but frankly, I’m tired of feeling like we’re all ‘test cases’ so they can iron out their exam. Let’s hope they do indeed grant instant results. If they don’t, at least I have another month to study.

    • David

      RW, i absolutely, 100% hear you and i probably would do the same thing in your shoes. the whole exam should have been thought thru better so as to avoid three analysis in one year. one of the board members agreed with the sentiment of many of the candidates, but it sounded like he was in the minority. hopefully after this third one, it will be the last one for awhile. i’ll be curious to see what happens with the date for Immediate Release.

  • KL

    thanks for the post David! I’ve scheduled my exam on 5/31, and was debating if I should reschedule. However there’s a chance they’ll delay the 6/1, maybe it’s not a bad thing not to know the result right away. I’ll leave it like that…

    • David

      hi kl!

      yes, that is exactly my concern and i think a real possibility of that happening. like life, there is only so many things we can control and a whole lot we cannot 🙂

      good luck!


  • Alvin Rogers

    Thanks for the information. I’m with RW, this is not right.
    I was a statistical guinea pig my first time and I am no willing to be one again.
    It is very frustrating to be in this position.

    • David

      alvin, agreed. it’s just another obstacle that life throws our way. with that said, once you pass this exam, this will all become a distant memory. although i will still be here at cseprep.com 😉

      go for it!


  • John Frolli

    AAH the CSE experience, there’s nothing else like it!!! I was scheduled for May 29th, so I decided to look into June since it was only a few days away and I could potentially get my results back sooner. I told myself that if dates were booked I would stick with my original date since I had already had emotional stake in it. I check first thing this morning and June 2nd was open. With a knot in my stomach I hesitated for a second and then pulled the trigger and moved it over. I had a small panic attack, started to think – will this make me more nervous when I take the exam? I’ve decided CSE really stands for Constant Stress Exercise. Now I’m feeling fine and ready to go come what may. Hell bring it on!

    • David

      Yes John, that’s all we can do at this point, is prepare and yell bring it on from the rooftops! as far as i can tell, the June 1 date for immediate results seems unrealistic. i’d say more like June 15 at the earliest (that is complete speculation on my part). check out the Podcast Episode #47 where I share more about this topic.

      keep up the great work!


  • David

    i just heard MORE CONFUSING news. i received an email TODAY from a candidate who took the Exam TODAY, and she said she was given a letter with results in 90 DAYS. maybe CAB has already realized they will have trouble getting enough exams for a proper statistical analysis within the next month. that would surely put a damper on the June 1 goal of immediate results and push it further into june or july. i feel for you guys in this situation.


    • KL

      my goodness! I’ll let you all know what my letter is going to say after my exam end of May.


  • E. Teran

    I took my exam (2nd try) April 7th and the letter said to expect a letter with results in 30 days. So let’s hope I hear from them in the next week or so because I do not want to wait another 30 days. I also read that they now have the passing rate at 70% after the second analysis. Does that mean my first exam where I had scored 70% would have giving me a passing grade had I waited?

    • David

      Hi E. yes, you should hear in about 30 days, it sounds like you just made it in the “Form B” which was the existing Exam prior to the “Form C” which was recently implemented resulting in the current statistical analysis.

      in regards to the old score, unfortunately no, i’ve heard that from a few candidates, that took the Exam last summer and got 71 or 72 which was not enough to pass at that time. but i’m glad you got back on the horse, keep us posted on your results!


  • Garrett

    I’ll be taking tomorrow, and dealing with the long wait. I got the news too late to want to move to June. I’ll report back anything new.

    • Garrett

      I just got out of the exam today. The letter says “results will be mailed in approximately 60 days.” After reading David’s comment above, I wonder if my form was outdated and intended to say 90 days. Either way, that sucker was tough.

      • David

        Hi garrett,

        thanks for letting us know. i wonder about that 90 day letter too. i have only heard of that one candidate so maybe it’s a typo on that one and it really is 60 days. the saga continues, stay tuned to cseprep.com for all the latest action 😉

        fingers crossed,


  • Maxine

    I am scheduled for May 16th but after getting your email I decided to postpone it to June. Instead of waiting 2 months I figured that it would be better to postpone 2 weeks and find out then. But now that I read that it might not happen June 1st I don’t know what to do. I want to get this over with. Argh! frustrating!


  • David

    Hi all,

    there’s some new information including it sounds like the analysis began on April 1, so those of you who took it april 1 or later are part of the 60 days, even though your letter states 30. for more info, shout out to Archnerd, be sure to check out his post over at AREforumg.org http://www.areforum.org/forums/showpost.php?p=1330587&postcount=22

    thanks, david

  • Gregory N. Bryant

    Hey David;
    Just wondering what is is that CAB is examining. I got caught in the original analysis last year and had to wait 90 days for my result. I re-examined on April 14th…could it be that the minimum passing score could be reset again? If so, do you think it will rise beyond the original 74? Your comment?

    Gregory N. Bryant

    • David

      hi gregory,

      the latest is (based on someone calling CAB and sending me an email about their conversation) that the analysis started again on April 1 and will run until the end of May. according to the candidate that called CAB, CAB has said that any exam taken between April 1 and June 1 will have their results mailed out on June 1st. then the immediate results should start around june 1.

      on the scoring nore, i doubt the passing score would be reset again. 70% sounds pretty fair to me, but only CAB knows how many people are passing with that score. and as far as i know, they haven’t released any data about how many people are taking the exam or passing for that matter.

      so hang in there, you should be finding out your results soon.

  • joseph henseler

    Yes, after learning the above info I changed test date from May to morning of June 1. I guess I’ll be one of the first to report whether immediate results are true or not. Thanks for all of your help, David. Feeling confident going in.

    • David

      hi joseph, yes good luck, the immediate results will make it interesting but are definitely long overdue.

      good luck and remember to read and understand the question COMPLETELY before selecting an answer.

      thanks, david

  • Garrett

    Hi all. I sat for the exam 4/28 and got my letter yesterday. Thirty three days rather than the 60 stated in the letter.

    Thanks to David’s study guide I passed!

    • David

      Congratulations garrett 🙂

      you have reached a milestone, be sure to put the license to good use 😉

      thanks, david

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