Welcome to the Podcast + Blog Page!

I’m really excited to be bringing you the new website CSEprep.com and the CSE podcast + blog. This page will serve as a discussion about knowledge, materials, and resources to help you prepare and pass the California Supplemental Exam. I’ll be delivering a weekly audio podcast discussing the Knowledge Statements of the CSE as well as answering your questions. You are highly encouraged to call your questions into the voicemail listener line at 1.800.476.5579, then tune in to hear your question, in your voice, on the air! I’ll also be delivering video content as well on this page to mix it up and keep things interesting.

If you’d like to have content automatically delivered to your RSS Reader, click on the Subscribe to RSS Feed on the right. You can also subscribe to the CSE podcast on itunes to have the latest episodes automatically delivered to your itunes and ipod. But don’t forget to come back often and comment on posts.

I look forward to helping you prepare and successfully pass the exam!


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  • Coach

    Congratulations on the new site David! Great job.

    I highly recommend David. There is no question that he was a big part of my passing the CSE the first time.

  • David

    Thanks Coach for the kudos! and thanks for checking out the new site. hopefully i’ll see you back here soon!

  • kyle

    first of all thanks for that podcast it was very informative on how to deliver an answer to score those points….my question is i noticed after the answers gilbert was giving you had asked for another example…can we expect that from the proctors everytime? typically if they hear one of the answers are a little off will they give us a chance to throw in one more?…or two more perhaps.
    and another follow up question if you run off 4 answers and they asked for 3 can we assume they’ll take the best 3 and not discredit us for 1 of the wrong answer
    let me know you thoughts thanks again great job on the podcast

  • David

    thanks kyle for the comments! i don’t want to get into what to expect during the exam but I will say that you should have extra answers in your quiver but don’t throw the kitchen sink at it. If I am asking for three answers in my preparation classes than I only expect you to give me three answers. thanks again for tuning in!

  • gilbert

    so i finally got the courage to listen to myself talk over the internet radio. although very nerve-racking, the experience was well worth it. in a way, it simulated some kind of experience that i think i may encounter while answering the questions on d-day… so if you can bring yourself up to it, you need to volunteer and try it out. thanks for giving that opportunity, david, and great job on pod-cast #2. i look forward to #3 and just wanted to let you know that i’ll be listening to them again just before the test to help ease some tension and gain some confidence.

    one other thing i’d like to throw out there with regards to the 200 questions and answers. for those who’ve not purchased them, do it! they’re a great source and has been a TREMENDOUS help in pulling all the necessary information for the test. as i continue using them this week to drill myself with those questions and answers, i’m quite confident it will be well worth it.

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